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The town of Cheltenham is one of the most populous, prominent and prosperous towns in Gloucestershire. It is well known for its art, food and literature festivals plus its world famous racecourse and the Gold Cup. It houses campuses for the University of Gloucestershire and has some of the finest boutique shopping in the UK. It also has the majestic pump rooms, one of the many examples of Victorian and Georgian architecture that graces the town. How has it become this bohemian and cultured place when 500 years ago it was a few fields, a river and some shacks owned by Cirencester Abbey?

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The answer lies in its water. The discovery of mineral water with health properties saw a sudden rise in visitors to the area. Bear in mind that in the Victorian era travel was not as easy as it is today and so a day trip was out of the question. Therefore when London and Urbane types came to sample the water they needed a place to stay. They also need somewhere a bit posher than a simple spring and so a pump room was built around it and a pleasure garden added. All of this is still very much in use today.

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As money came in, the village slowly became a town. The natural beauty of the area appealed to the elites and it soon became a place to visit on the social calendar. Hotels and Guest houses were joined by second homes and private residences. It’s still a popular place to live today and when setting up home there you can rely onĀ  Blu Fish, a Boiler Installation Cheltenham to sort out your heating needs.

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