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All pilot training paths offered meet the requirements of your Civil Aviation Authority. We can always customize a course by adding modules to your flight training if you feel the need to have additional training before applying for your career.

The keys to choosing a course are the same for an online course as for a face-to-face course. Even so, if this is from a distance, you should take special note of:

  • The duration of the course and the delivery times of the activities or completion of the exercises.
  • Your hour’s availability, this has to be sufficient to fulfill well the objectives of the course.
  • The knowledge of the technological tools that will be used in the development of the course.
  • Know how the training is organized, as well as how the course evaluation is done.
  • Know the specific contents of the course.
  • Study materials should be affordable, comprehensive and attractive, stimulating and facilitating access to other complementary sources of information. At the same time, this material must also be diversified, both written and audiovisual.
  • Knowing through which platform the course will be developed to be able to verify that there is a good accessibility of the contents.
  • The center must be up-to-date with the possibilities offered by the new technologies and make the most of them and offer technical advice to the students.
  • Communication with the tutor and the teaching staff should be easy, agile and personalized.
  • Evaluate the complementary services of the center: discussion forums, videoconferences, organization of cultural and academic events, also face-to-face meetings with teachers and students that complement the work at home.
  • The certificate you will get at the end (homologated or not and what kind of certificate).
  • When you cannot see the center face-to-face, it is important that the information provided by the center for you to be clear and understandable. Verify that the course they offer you is really the one you want to do.
  • The reputation of the center and its faculty will also be key to being able to choose.
  • That the training is at a distance does not mean that it is cheaper than the face-to-face; although in many cases it is so. The cost of studies must correspond to the tools, materials, tutoring, teaching staff, and quality level offered by the center.

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