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College is a tough place to be rich. And let’s face it; not having money is not conducive to traveling. If you want to travel on a college budget then you are going to need to plan carefully rather than compulsively, as if cheap student travel was something that comes naturally. However, it is possible to travel while in college and spend significantly less than you normally would.

Purchase Your Tickets In Advance

This is part of the whole preemptive planning thing mentioned earlier. If you purchase your tickets in advance, you will find that they are significantly cheaper than if you purchase them a month or so before. Additionally, you could schedule your trip during off seasons, which will also net you a much cheaper airplane ticket. Additionally, plan out what forms of transportation you plan on taking during your stay, and see if you can purchase any tickets for any necessary busses or trains at that point. It always helps to know these types of things in advance so you can spend more time soaking in the sights.

Don’t Eat Out

If saving money is your goal, then eating out is one of the worst ideas you could possibly muster. The best thing to do would be to plan some recipes in advance and visit a local supermarket after you check in to wherever you are staying. When you chose the recipes, base your selections on the local cuisine, that way you can ensure you are eating authentically. And who knows, you may be eating better than many of the other people eating out!

Consider Where You Are Staying

When it comes to traveling the world as cheaply as possible, there are several safe options for lodging. The first one is Airbnb, which is significantly cheaper than a lot of hotels. The second are hostels, which can be even cheaper than a lot of Airbnbs! Both of these lodging options will enable you to meet different people you likely would not have met otherwise. If you decide to go the Airbnb route, you will likely get to know some of the locals a bit better, which would be a great experience. If you go the hostel route, you may end up making friends with some fellow travelers. Either way, both options would be better than sitting alone in an expensive hotel room!

Learn To Pack Light

I cannot tell you how many times this advice has saved me. Learning to pack lightly and tactically will enable you to travel quickly without any of the potential pitfalls that come with having a lot of luggage, like having to haul it around or having to pay for a larger vehicle to accommodate your excess luggage.

If you still have questions about traveling, consult your academic adviser or check out study abroad programs like those offered by ACU and Sarah Lawrence College.