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How to travel with a suit

One question that you have probably asked yourself when you start your business, family, wedding, enjoyment, tourism, or any situation that merits formal dress. In this article, we present how to travel with a suit everywhere.

The first thing you should know is that you can do it and in this article, you will find tips about The way to do it with the different suit carriers that you can wear depending on your travel aim. It is recommended for hand luggage style measures garment bag. Aspects that you should consider when taking your elegance out of your city or country.

How to travel with a suit?

First, remember that an airplane suit carrier is nothing more than a handbag designed to carry delicate clothing, such as dress suits, tuxedos, dresses and shoes.

The suit carriers can give you, depending on your travel style, more space for other clothing, more rigidity and more elegance, especially if your trip is more specific or if you are used to traveling lightly. Still, you need to take your suit with you.

You will stay for several days and want to share formal dinners. For those multi-environment business meetings, such as long-stay congresses, it is best to opt for a suit carrier for large capacity aircraft. If so, you can use it not only as a suitcase but also as a handbag.

And it is that this aircraft suit holder has many pockets and compartments, both to carry the suit, shoes, ties, handkerchief and all formal accessories, and for other garments, towels and other items that will complement your trip.

How to travel with a suit

For more specific business trips or formal events

The recommendation is to use a more elegant type of aircraft suit carrier dedicated to stiffening your suit. You will surely be with your suit carrier longer, taking it from one place to another until finally reaching the room.

There are options of this style briefcase, elegant, or porta type elegant suits with wheels, which you will surely find excellent for these occasions.

The litigation of this type of suit holder is around 25 and 35 liters, and they are usually the most expensive options for the quality and rigidity that they should give to the design. The recommendation is that you choose them for their appearance and for how it is an Associate with your dress.

The business traveler’s complement suits holder

You have the routine business-style business suits, recommended if you travel from one place to another and arrive directly at your hotel. It is not a priority that you carry elegant suits.

For these cases, the designs are quite light and offer you up to 40 liters of space, so you can also use them to carry other accessories.

The disadvantage of these types of aircraft suit carriers is that they rarely have great resistance. So, do not wear clothes on these elements since there is no certainty that wrinkles will arrive.

What are the recommended measures for hand luggage and aircraft suit carrier?

Understanding the aspects of styles and types of suit carriers, below you will find the details associated with the measures, which you must check with your airline when deciding on a suit carrier if you do not want any extra charge.

Aircraft suit carriers are governed by the measurements of hand luggage. As you could see earlier in the descriptions, the suit carriers are carry-on bags, so most of them must comply with the standard of measurements, this is the only way to make sure that you are not checked in for an extra suitcase.

The task you have pending is to verify the measures. Many times the manufacturers make a style of aircraft suitcase and another one that is more spacious.

Standard sizes of hand luggage for airlines

Among the measures that your handbag must respect, which in this case will be a carrier, you have the standard of 55x35x20 cm on average for most airlines, according to IATA, which is the international association of air transport.

The general recommendation is that before buying the ticket, you have already chosen your suit carrier. Each company has its standards and regulations.

American Airlines, for example, requires you a maximum of measures for your suitcase or handbag of 56x35x23 cm, and Air Europa 55x35x25 cm. So you must very know to adapt your preferred airline and buy your suitcase thinking about that.

What wears suits to buy based on my travel style?

The suits of CabinMax suits and those of Samsonite offer you different options for these cases and the best thing is that they adapt too many requirements of different airlines since they are specialists in luggage.

For formal occasions where your suit carrier could be part of your journey:

Opt for more demure options like Briggs & Riley or again Samsonite in its more formal and rigid style, preferably with wheels.

How to travel with a suit

Frequent business traveler styles:

We recommend you choose the Hangerworld and Samsonite brands, which are leaders in suitcase-style hand luggage.

NOTE: Always remember to advise you very well with your airline and let you know the meeting of your trip so that they recommend you the best options in terms of space. Usually, they offer you good advice so you will be safer when buying your carrier plane suits preferred.

With a weight of 260 grams and waterproof black nylon construction, it has become one of the preferred aircraft suit carriers for many travelers due precisely to its weight since you can carry it in the suitcase for its size.

It has double handles and shoulder pads so you can carry it comfortably, and velcro fasteners, besides multiple pockets for your garments, which guarantees you it meets the standards of aircraft suit carriers. And the best part is that it is economical.


It is one of the lightest aircraft suit carriers in the market


It is a routine suitcase holder, so the design is not something to consider as a suitcase. Because of its low weight, it could no longer be strong enough, so it is considered a better option to carry it in the suitcase.

Can aircraft suit carriers serve as a handbag?

As you have seen, there are from those dedicated to wearing your suit to those that allow you to carry many more items, such as personal items and other clothing.

Everything will depend on the purpose of your trip, so if you will arrive at a hotel or reception, you can opt for a less expensive and more practical suit carrier to change in your room, such as the Samsonite Kleidersack Garment Cover.

For cases where you arrive directly to the event, or to an area where guests may already be, it is best to opt for the elegant options of suit carriers with wheels. Such as Samsonite’s Xblade, which will give you a perfect projection and according to the event, from the semi-formal to gala types.

How can I know that the suit holder is good for my suit?

The rigidity of the suit holder is one element that you should always consider. The best thing is to opt for a briefcase-type suitcase with wheels.

What can be the advantages of this accessory to a quality handbag?

We remind you that this luggage is designed to give firmness to your suit, thanks to the tightness of their compartments, so that a carry-on bag may not give you this option, even if the suit-holder looks like a carry-on bag simple sight

The garment sleeve for tickets is just perfect for occasions where you want to transport your elegance anywhere with the greatest safety for you and complement your outfit.

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