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How to Use a Travel Pillow

Embarking on a journey, whether by plane, train, or automobile, often involves long hours of sitting or reclining in less-than-ideal positions. That’s where the unsung hero of travel comfort comes into play – the travel pillow. Let’s unravel the secrets of using this compact companion to ensure your travels are as restful as possible.

1. Choosing the Right Pillow:

Not all travel pillows are created equal. From classic U-shaped pillows to innovative memory foam designs, the options abound. Consider your preferred sleeping position and personal comfort when selecting the perfect travel pillow for your adventures.

2. The Inflation Game:

Inflatable travel pillows are a popular choice for their portability. If you’re using an inflatable pillow, ensure it’s inflated to a comfortable level. Too firm, and you might as well be resting on a rock; too soft, and the support diminishes.

3. Embrace the U-Shape:

The classic U-shaped travel pillow is a timeless favorite. Wear it around your neck with the open end in front for chin support, providing stability during naps. This shape is versatile, offering support whether you’re seated or reclined.

4. Leaning into Memory Foam:

Memory foam pillows are a game-changer. They mold to the contours of your neck and head, providing personalized support. Compact and easy to carry, these pillows offer a touch of luxury for weary travelers.

5. Versatility of Use:

Your travel pillow isn’t limited to just neck support. Get creative! Use it to support your lower back, cushion your head against the window, or even wedge it between your knees for added comfort during extended journeys.

6. The Importance of Positioning:

travel pillow

How you position your travel pillow matters. If you’re using it for neck support, ensure the opening is in front to cradle your chin. For side sleepers, position the pillow to comfortably support your head in a natural position.


Can I wash my travel pillow?

Check the care instructions for your specific travel pillow. Inflatable pillows are often wipeable, while memory foam pillows may have removable, machine-washable covers. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Can I use a travel pillow in a car?

Absolutely! Travel pillows are versatile companions for car rides. They provide neck support for the driver or can enhance the comfort of passengers during long journeys.

Are travel pillows only for air travel?

Not at all! While travel pillows are popular for flights, they’re equally useful for train rides, road trips, and even when camping. Any situation involving prolonged sitting or reclining can benefit from a travel pillow.

Can I use a travel pillow for lumbar support?

Certainly! Many travel pillows, especially those with memory foam, can be positioned to provide lumbar support. Experiment with different placements to find the most comfortable position for your lower back.

How do I deflate an inflatable travel pillow?

Most inflatable pillows have a valve that allows you to easily deflate them. Open the valve and gently press on the pillow to release the air. Fold or roll the pillow to expel any remaining air before packing it away.


A travel pillow isn’t just an accessory; it’s a companion on your journey towards comfort and rest. By choosing the right pillow and mastering the art of positioning, you can turn even the most cramped travel spaces into zones of relaxation.

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