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What to see in Salzburg Germany

What to see in Salzburg Germany– Salzburg that in Castilian would be Castle of salt, is the fourth city of Austria and its old helmet is Patrimony of the Humanity by UNESCO from 1997. It is a smaller city than we expected. But for that reason it did not disappoint to us.

What to see in Salzburg Germany

What to see in Salzburg Germany

Hohensalzburg Fortress

The Salzburg fortress is the largest and best preserved in all of Europe and was never completely conquered.

Legend has it that they had a single bull and that each day they painted it in a different color. They did it so that the enemies thought they had a lot of food and that they did not need to leave the fortress to get more.

If you go to Salzburg Germany, you will find bulls of different colors as  souvenirs .


On the Residenzplatz or Residenzplatz you will find the Salzburg Cathedral, the Residence and two museums: the Panorama Museum and the Salzburg Museum.

In the Cathedral was baptized its most illustrious inhabitant, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. For many years he was organist of the Court and conductor in this religious building.


Getreidegasse is a shopping street in Salzburg Germany. On this street is the house where the famous musician. And composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born. Despite being his hometown, where he really triumphed was in Vienna years later. A mandatory stop for all lovers of classical music.


For us the main attraction of Kapitelplatz are the chess games played by local people. We spent a long time watching how they played on the board that is painted on the floor of the square.

Indoor patios

As we have already told you in several entries, getting lost in the cities we visit, we love it! Well if you get lost in Salzburg Germany, you will find very nice interior patios. To get there we will go through narrow passages under the houses with shops and restaurants.

The company   Gray Line  invited us to make the tour “Salzburg and the Lake District”. We want to thank you for the visit and for all the information you have contributed for this post. Special thanks to Lucia de  Cultourmunich  for all the help and information she gave us during the tour. The opinion of this post is totally ours.  At no time has been influenced by Gray Line.