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You don’t have to have a survey done just to buy a home. It usually comes as part of the house buying process after the mortgage has been sorted out. So, deep within the legal process, or conveyancing part is where you would expect to have a survey done. You can get guidance and service by using a Conveyancing Solicitors London based company like Sam Conveyancing.

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However, you might be wondering what the state of your property is before you look to sell up. If there are any nasty surprises in the property that could stop a sale, you’d probably want to know them before they come up. It gives you the chance to rectify them and to set a reasonable price on the property before you look to sell it.

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There are three levels of survey that you can have. These depend on the age of the property and what you feel is the right amount you need. A level one survey is the basic level of service. The survey will look for the most prominent and usual issues such as damp and structural damage. It’s best for a young property below 15 years. If the property is over that age, it is wise to have a Homebuyers survey. This is the industry standard drawn up for lenders, conveyancers and buyers alike. The final level is stage 3. This is an in-depth study of the property from top to bottom, usually taking several hours. If the property is over 70 years old or historical, you will need this level.

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