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Tokyo at night

In Tokyo, I recommend not to go out too early in the morning so that you have the energy to spend some nice nights out and about. After sunset, the city transforms and becomes magical, with colors and lights, salarymen go with their colleagues to get drunk in the izakaya and the atmosphere everywhere is cheerful and carefree.

ShinjukuTokyo at night

The eastern part of the district is the most picturesque in Tokyo when it gets dark. An evening walk here is a must, to see the colorful advertising signs on the buildings. You also find plenty of restaurants, bars, and many things to see. It feels like living inside the Blade Runner movie.


There is the busiest pedestrian crossing in the world, with many big screens that broadcast advertising 24 hours a day and light up the street. Many restaurants and small clubs.

If you are young and want to attend concerts by DJs also of international fame, I recommend the clubs Womb and Atom, but also take a look at the programs of O-East and O-West.

Local in TokyoWhat to do in Tokyo at night

In addition to the places in Shibuya already mentioned, if you want to spend the evening/night I recommend the Ageha, it is the largest disco in Tokyo with the main hall that can hold up to 2400 people, it is located in the Shin-Kiba area. Roppongi is an area where many foreigners go, full of nightclubs for all tastes, where to have a drink and listen to the music of all kinds: just take a short walk to find the one that suits you best.

Tokyo from above

Do not miss the evening view from the top of one of the skyscrapers, I especially recommend the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku, where you can go up to the 45th floor for free: it is very beautiful because in addition to seeing in the distance you can also admire the nearby skyscrapers, with an unmissable view.

KaraokeWhat to do in Tokyo at night

Black microphone in a karaoke club, with remote controller, melon and strawberry soda drinks, yellow tambourine, and screen for singing music on-stage party.

You go with friends, rent a small room and you can sing, drink and eat something in joy. It is a very distinctive experience as the Japanese are crazy about karaoke. The Pasela chain is probably the best, but they are all valid. Now everyone also has songs in English and if you are lucky you will also find some pieces in Italian. Don’t worry if you are out of tune, the important thing here is to have fun.


In the Ameyoko area under the railway, there are many izakayas and small restaurants where the atmosphere is very Japanese. Sometimes there are even the classic carts that sell bowls of ramen. It’s a nice place, but it’s less interesting than Shinjuku and Shibuya.


It is a neighborhood that should possibly be seen around sunset, that is when the lights come on and the shops are still open and there is a coming and going of people who make us understand the true essence of this neighborhood. Perfect especially for lovers of modern architecture, especially the Tokyo International Forum.

AsakusaWhat to do in Tokyo at night

The whole area is quite quiet, I don’t see it as ideal for “going out in the evening” and I wouldn’t go there on purpose, but if you are here in the area I am more than sure that you will fall in love with Hoppy Street, a street with some picturesque places where the Japanese they eat and drink happily.

Neighborhoods for Japanese

The Kanda and Shimbashi areas are very active in the evenings but are mostly for Japanese employees. Going for a walk and even stopping somewhere to eat or drink something can certainly be nice, but as they are not tourist areas, don’t expect them to have menus with Latin characters written or to reserve the classic kindness that you might find elsewhere.

“Dull” neighborhoods:

Akihabara after 20-21 starts to turn off and everything is silent and boring. The same goes for Harajuku where you will find many places open but certainly not the carefree joy you find during the day at the weekend. Odaiba is a bit of a middle ground, in the sense that it is a very quiet place in the evening (and also during the day), but the view of the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo skyline can be quite romantic.