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Nestled in the Anatolian providence of Turkey is the breathtakingly beautiful area of Kas. Located on the Turquoise coast in Turkey’s south west Kas is a very popular spot for tourists as there are plenty of opportunities for sun worship and beach life. Being on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea it has some wonderful temperate weather with some warmer air coming up for the Sahara desert. There are lots of other attractions as well with aquatic sports, most prominently scuba diving, and fishing being just two of them. The real beauty of Kas is that compared to many other tourist spots it is not over run with the normal glut of Hotels and bars that you would usually associate with a beach resort. This unspoilt aspect makes Kas a wonderful place for going on walks around the region and really experiencing the pace of life in this part of Turkey. So stop watching the destination channels, which hopefully you can see in crystal clear clariety thatnks tro ther servicse of TV Aerial Installation Cardiff companies like and book a trip to the real thing. What walks does the region offer?

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The big advantage that Kas has is that it is a wonderful set route known as the Lycian Way. This is a pathway established by the original inhabitants of the area the Lycian tribe. Whilst they are long gone, the snaking pathway extends for over 300 miles along the coastline from the Regions capital Antalya to the town of Fethiye. You don’t have to do it all in one go! There are plenty of hotels and taverns to stop at along the way. Let’s have a look at one of the many walks.

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Kas to Limanagizi Bay.

This 2 hour jaunt is a good little warm up to start the week, not too testing on the legs. You start from the centre of Kas and its amazing harbour and head inland. You’ll get to see the unspoilt countryside; a hive of agriculture activity where oranges and lemons are grown. On the way you are sure to see a few lizards take a nap in the sun plus a tortoise or two making their slow but steady way through life. We then make our way slowly back down into lovely Limanagizi bay and the equally wonderful cafes and bars that are available there. This is a great place to have a rest and refuel before possibly heading back the same way. Take your boots and shoes off and have a paddle to freshen up the feet first.

Local experts say that walking in Spring is the best time, but they also say that water, sun cream and a good pair of walking shoes, plus walking trousers need to be in your suitcase before you come.