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Hiking equipment, also known as hiking equipment or outdoor equipment, is all the gear carried on outdoor trips. Hiking is typically divided into single-day hikes and day-hills, also known as backpacking, hiking, and trekking. The equipment chosen depends upon the nature of the trip, the planned activities, the time, and the setting. For a single day hike, hiking boots are usually necessary, along with other light apparel and supplies for warmth, food and water, a camera, and a GPS. Hiking socks, on the other hand, are usually used for overnight hikes.

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When hiking, it is best to carry personal items such as a cell phone, a first aid kit, a pair of hiking shoes, a compass, a map, a pair of hiking pants, a sleeping bag or mattress, a raincoat, a backpack or a day pack, a knife, cords for your personal items, flashlights, a radio, a compass, a camp stove, a folding camping chair, a solar blanket or a windproof pillow. You should look at the options available from a Hiking Backpack Ireland company to carry all these items safely for you.

Your hiking shoes will vary in quality and size, depending on your activity level and your intended location. Some will offer extra support to ankles and/or arch supports; others are designed for mud, slippery rocks, or other rough surfaces. Hiking pants, on the other hand, should provide protection from moisture and ankle-length boots are ideal. Hiking socks will be required for overnight hikes and another necessity for longer backpacking trips.

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For the best experience, it is recommended to bring along at least the bare essentials for hiking and camping. A camera, a compass, a map, a sleeping bag or mattress, tent, food and drink, a camp stove, a folding camping chair, a lantern, a sleeping bag or mat, hiking shoes, a pair of hiking pants, a raincoat, a few pieces of personal items like cell phones or compact cameras, a first aid kit, a tent or sleeping bag and a hiking pole. You may also want to bring along a small portable radio and some flashlights to light your way. All of these items can be purchased online or at specialty stores where you will find the very best selection in brand name products that can withstand the harshest elements.