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Whether you’re travelling to an exotic location or just heading away for a weekend in the country, taking the right toiletries with you is important. Here’s our packing guide for the essentials.

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Liquid or Solid?

If you’re flying and you intend to take your toiletries as carry-on luggage, you will need to check airport security advice on what you can take with you. Liquids may need to be stored separately so they can be scanned by security – where possible, take a solid alternative.


You’ll need something to wash your hair, and possibly a conditioner too. You can buy products that do both jobs in one, and even multi-purpose soaps that also fit the role of body wash. Dry shampoo or shampoo bars are also an option.

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Body Wash

Consider taking a bar of soap rather than a tub of body wash. If you don’t want to take a huge bar with you, then cut a piece off or look for a trial or travel size bar.


If you’re spending the day travelling or out in the elements, then your skin is more likely to need a moisturising. Try and pack a product that you can use day and night, and add an SPF factor to protect skin from harmful UV rays.


The non-liquid option here is facial wipes, which can do double duty as wet wipes if needed. Trial or travel sized options of your favourite cleanser are also a good option.


Some companies offer pre-packed travel kits, like these Nivea Travel Kits for men from They contain everything you need in a convenient package.

Toothbrush & Toothpaste

Travel toothbrushes are available – the handles fold to make them half the length for easy packing. For toothpaste you have the option of travel sized tubes (or ask your dentist for some samples), or sachets or tablets of paste.


Daily flossing keeps your gums healthy and your breath fresh, but a tub of floss can also help in other emergencies. It’s a great string substitute in many circumstances.

That’s our essential list. Pack it into a small, leakproof travel bag (look for one with a separate compartment for liquids to save spills and make customs easier to navigate) and you’re good to go!

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