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new york beaches

In the myriad of attractions, sparkling lights, and imposing skyscrapers that the city of New York can offer, one can forget that the Big Apple is a city that rises on the sea. So just get out of Manhattan a little to find yourself walking on the coasts overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

The beaches of New York are mainly frequented by locals who flock to the coast on summer weekends to relax and cool off, but there are many tourists who choose to take a day trip to breathe a different atmosphere.

Going to Long Island and strolling through the exclusive Hamptons, or taking a ride to the Coney Island amusement park can therefore be a recommended choice, especially if you don’t have time on your itinerary to dedicate to more exotic destinations such as Florida but you don’t want to miss the sound. waves (if you plan to jump from Manhattan to the West Coast, read our guide on how to plan a trip from New York to California ).

Cooper’s Beach (Southampton)new york beaches

Cooper’s Beach Hampton’s long stretch of white sand will welcome you to Cooper Beach. The main entrance is called Southampton Village Coopers Beach where there is a large car park which however has a not very cheap rate ($ 40 for a day) so the advice is to come here if you intend to stay at least half a day day and not to do a hit and run.

Main Beach (East Hampton)

Main Beach Hamptons New YorkLocals call this the best beach you can go to. If it seems an exaggerated judgment, you just have to go and check for yourself. It is wide enough to never be too crowded which will allow you to enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean in complete tranquility.

Unlike the previous one, parking here is slightly cheaper ($ 30 for a day). Beware, however, that places for non-residents are very limited on weekends.

“Meet me in Montauk …”

New York BeachesThis is a little curiosity: at the bottom of the Long Island peninsula is Montauk, a small town that has become very famous thanks to the cult film by Gondry ” Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind “, pitifully translated into Italian with the title “Se mi let me erase you “.

If you’ve always wondered where the gorgeous beach that frames many moments in Joel and Clementine’s love story is, well, now you know: it should be Umbrella Beach (better known as Kirk Park Beach), two miles away. approximately away from Montauk station, where Joel’s train arrives (you will recognize it as soon as you see it).

In the immediate vicinity of the beach is also the Plaza Restaurant, another unforgettable location of the film, today Tacombi Montauk (752 Montauk Hwy, Montauk). Finally, a gem: if you want to see the house where the two protagonists have the decisive appointment, follow these coordinates.

Jones Beachnew york beaches

Beaches New York Jones BeachJones Beach State Park’s shoreline is particularly popular as hordes of New Yorkers and hot tourists alike flock to it every summer in search of refreshment (it is estimated that at least 6 million visitors come to these latitudes every summer). year).

The symbol of this beach is the Jones Beach Water Tower whose architecture deliberately refers to the bell tower of San Marco in Venice. The beach is divided into sectors, called fields, each of which has a parking area specially dedicated to the various needs of visitors. It goes from that for nudists to that for surfers to get to that for fishermen.

Long Beach

Long Beach New YorkPerhaps the most frequented beach by New Yorkers, also thanks to the fact that it is one of the most convenient to reach by public transport since the Long Beach station can be reached in about an hour from Penn Station thanks to the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR ).

Despite the crowds, the beaches are still clean and dotted with beach volleyball courts. The only negative note is that to access the beach you have to pay an entrance fee of about 12 dollars.

Coney Islandnew york beaches

Perhaps the most famous beach in New York. The Luna Park in Coney Island has been featured in many successful films and its coastline has become one of many instantly recognizable symbols of the Big Apple

Precisely for these reasons we have dedicated an in-depth article entirely dedicated to Coney Island and its many attractions.

Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach New York Beaches More than coast in its own right, we can consider it an extension of Coney Island. Also known as Little Russia or Little Odessa due to the Russian community that has settled in these parts over the years. So don’t be surprised if around you you will see the signs of the places written in Cyrillic, especially in the area near the subway bridge.

In general, it is less crowded than nearby Coney Island, so it may be more recommended if you want to enjoy some sea life without too many people around. Do not miss a portion of fried fish in one of the many places that crowd the vicinity of the seafront.

Rockaway Beach (Queens)new york beaches

The beach where Dee Dee Ramone preferred to spend her days, which she immortalized in the song of the same name on the Rocket To Russia album. It is one of the most popular beaches among surfers who come here to try to dominate the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. The damage caused by Hurricane Sandy in 2012 is fortunately only a memory now. It is a difficult task to recommend a precise point to go to since it is one of the longest beaches in New York (we are talking about over 10 km). The quaint Rockaway Beach Surf Club is the perfect place to eat tacos and drink beer surrounded by constant references to the world of surfing.

Orchard Beach (Bronx)

Orchard Beach Beaches New YorkKnown for being the “New York City Riviera” it is the only public beach in the Bronx. It has the characteristic of not overlooking the Atlantic Ocean but the Long Island Sound channel.

It is part of the Pelham Bay Park where nature still reigns supreme and can therefore be the perfect solution for those who want to alternate the beach with some regenerating walk surrounded by greenery.