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Who doesn’t like a beach holiday? The warm sun tanning the skin (don’t forget the factor 50!) the sea tickling your toes and the calm relaxing scenery and the big blue all out in front of you. Many people travel to beach locations of anniversary holidays, honeymoons and even just a get away with the guys or girls. It is important that when visiting these beach locations that you think about the activities that you are going to be undertaking, the amount of alcohol that you consume and your sexual health. If you are worried that you may have put yourself at risk of an STI you can contact a London Home STI kits company for help.

What’s the best beach you can spend that holiday on? Here’s a quick list to pass the time and help you decide.

  1. Bondi Beach. This is an iconic spot in Australia helped by its proximity to the large city of Sydney. It’s a lovely oval shape that cuts deeply into the landscape. It’s the epitome of the shrimp on the Barbi ideal and the turkey on the beach at Christmas. It’s name is Aboriginal and literally means water breaking over the rocks. A lovely name for a lovely place. Long way to go though.

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  1. Navagio. This is in Greece so a bit closer to home. Its features a famous ship wreck still buried into the limestone beach. It is clean and the azure blue sparkles like nothing could ever be as blue again.
  2. Champagne Beach. It’s an island of the coast of Australia in Vanatu. Its white powdery sand glows and gives of a far bit of heat so you might need so flip flops. The water is the pure blue of the Pacific, so it’s been pretty well scrubbed to get there.
  3. Anse Source D’Argent. Thought of as being the most beautiful beach on the Seychelles. This beach is said to make the spirt soar and renew your faith in the world and all that it has to offer. That’s a pretty big boast but as it also has some stunning natural granite structures its got the lot. It’s also a great choice for a spot of swimming and snorkelling, the fish are numerous and the waters crystal clear.

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  1. Beach of La Concha. Our first Spanish beach, and you thought it was going to be something on the Costa Del Sol. This is actually in the North of the Country in the Basque region. It’s a bit like Bondi in many ways except this bay town is not so big. Its shape is the same though. The beach is huge, and it can take a good half a day to walk its length. In between making lovely sand castles due to its quality and the sea is quite beautiful too.
  2. Maho Beach. Bit of leftfield one. This is one the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten. Its not the clam and quite or even bustle beaches we’ve looked at so far. In fact, you’re going to be up close and personal with a Boeing 747 as you can see here. Worth the experience but don’t go for a quiet time.