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The UK is a great place to spend your summer holidays, and traditional English seaside towns have something for all ages. While they may not be renowned as beach countries like those in the Caribbean, England’s climate is perfect for long days spent on the sand during the summer months. The beaches in traditional English seaside towns are packed with local shops, pubs, and restaurants. In the summer, they’re flooded with stalls from local craft makers and foodies during local fairs.

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Historically, traditional English seaside resorts are synonymous with back-to-basics hedonism. During the Victorian era, a typical English seaside would feature donkey rides, a Punch and Judy show, candy floss, fish and chips and a beachside bar. Later, the railroad helped make seaside visits more accessible for working-class families. Today, the seaside has expanded into an international destination.

If you’re traveling with kids, consider booking a boarding house in a traditional English seaside resort. Those located near the beach have easy access to town amenities. You can even stay in a holiday camp with indoor pools and an array of activities for kids of all ages. The traditional English seaside lifestyle is the perfect way to relax and enjoy the sunshine. The most enjoyable part of a visit to a traditional English seaside town is visiting the amusements that line the promenades of all seaside towns. For a holiday by the seaside, consider Things to do in Margate at a site like

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The Victorians created the seaside resorts to be popular and make them fun for the middle and working classes alike. If you’re travelling from London, you might be interested in a trip to Cornwall. This picturesque region is famous for its beaches, but can be difficult to reach during the peak surf season. Cornwall beaches have been preserved in a near-natural state. The climate in the West Country is milder than the rest of England, thanks to the Gulf Stream. You can even get a bottle of wine from a local vineyard!

The North Sea coastline of England is home to a few traditional seaside resorts, including Skegness. This village is home to a clean, sandy beach and is popular for water sports, such as wakeboarding and sailing. You can also visit the town’s famous festival in July, or participate in the West Coast Surfing Open Contest. The area is also dotted with many historic buildings, including the famous castle.