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Is it possible to travel while pregnant? Yes. But it is a special moment, so you also have to pay attention to certain tips to start a trip.A pregnancy does not have to be an insurmountable impediment to undertake a trip . Actually, as in any other aspect of daily life, it is enough to follow a series of tips and precautions to avoid problems. Here we are going to give you a few keys, but if you have any doubts, the person who can best clarify any question will be your gynecologist.

Except incases of a high-risk pregnancy, in which there are express recommendations from doctors that prevent travel, the truth is that you can always undertake those desired vacations in a state of good hope

Of course, you have to be more aware of what it can mean to use one or another means of transport, travel times, destinations and even the need to apply certain vaccines. We are going to try to give you some guidelines.

1. When is it best to travel

It is enough to apply logic to see what are the worst moments of a pregnancy to travel. For example, the first trimester is not the best period , since nausea and vomiting are common, as well as general tiredness.

And equally, the last quarter is not the most appropriate either. As the due date approaches, it is less recommended , but the truth is that a possible premature birth must always be kept in mind.

We can say that the second trimester of pregnancy is the best to start a trip. In addition, it is a period in which the volume of the gut is not yet excessively bothersome, which is always a relief when you are away from home.

2. Documentation about your pregnancy

In any case, and even more so as the pregnancy progresses, whenever you undertake a trip you must carry the necessary documentation in your luggage. That is, all the reports, ultrasounds and medical tests that you can provide in case of an emergency .

3. A special medicine cabinet

When long trips are undertaken, it never hurts to carry a first aid kit for any problem. Well, in the case of a pregnancy, and even for the shortest trips, you have to take it with all those medicines that are needed and that have been prescribed for you.

In addition to that, we are going to make two very specific recommendations. One is for all those who travel to a beach destination: it does not matter whether it is the Spanish coast of the Mediterranean or the paradisiacal islands of the Caribbean , in any case you have to bring sunscreen.

Well, much better if it is a product without parabens , since with the hormonal changes that pregnancy causes, that can affect melanin and cause spots to appear on the skin.

And on the other hand, something that should never be missing is mosquito repellent , suitable for where you travel. The reason is that their bites can transmit diseases that are very harmful to the fetus, such as Zika or dengue.

4. Attention to means of transport

If you travel by car during pregnancy, depending on the trimester and the volume of the belly, it is good to have a special seat belt . And, of course, it is convenient to stop to stretch your legs. If you are going to fly, confirm the policy of the chosen airline, to see until when they allow pregnant women to fly.

On the other hand, if you can, always, always wear comfortable and wide shoes , no matter how ugly. In addition, it is advisable to drink plenty of water and sit very close to the bathrooms. All this is also applicable to trains, while the ship may be less recommended for your situation.

5. Need for vaccinations and pregnancy

We all know that there are Asian, African and also South American destinations where it is mandatory, or highly advisable, to get vaccinated before traveling. So you have to be well informed about them and see their effects on pregnancy . Then you can decide whether or not to wear it or postpone the trip for another time in life.

6. Take out insurance

This insurance tip is good for many types of travel. But it is almost mandatory to travel during pregnancy. Of course, it must be insurance that includes your situation among its coverage .

7. During pregnancy, travel calmly and with common sense

Actually, a trip during pregnancy or at any other time requires the application of logic. That is, to know if one is prepared, to review the meals well , to find out what awaits us at the destination, its temperatures, its customs, etc.

Only with that, resting, eating well, not abusing exercise or the sun, or staying up too late, should be worth it. The trick is simply to enjoy this phase of your life and this journey , which must be unforgettable from a positive point of view.