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Some countries are blessed with attractive spots, creative cuisines, cultural sights, beautiful landscapes, and a large number of museums.

These are some of the reasons tourists travel to countries across the globe, to experience and taste those feelings for themselves. However, there are some countries that are known for weird cultures and scenery they’ve kept to date. In this article from casinojoka online enligne, we will be listing out a few of the most unusual modes of transportation to have a special travel experience.


The Cambodian Bamboo Train

Also called a norry, this bamboo train is another version of a rail vehicle that can be found in the local areas of Cambodia. The bamboo train is made up of bamboo which is almost the size of double bed boards that is supported by two sets of wheels created using metal. It can support up to 15 people, and it is powered by a motor that helps people navigate it on railway tracks. It has gained popularity over the years as the train service in Cambodia is irregular and slower. However, it is important to note that the ride will be bumpier than ever, but that is the experience you’ll be getting. The train can go 25mph due to the small engines.


The Japanese Maglev

This is a magnetic levitation train that uses magnetic technology to levitate above the tracks. That feature makes it a major source of attraction to tourists across the globe.

The Japanese Maglev is the fastest commercial high-speed electric train in the world. Back in 2015, it reached 603 kph (375 mph) which broke the previous land speed record for rail vehicles. You can enjoy a ride in the world’s fastest train while levitating when you travel to Japan. You won’t even be able to play games at real money casino for Australians for long before you get to your destination due to the speed of the train.


The Portuguese Toboggan Run

Created using a wicker sledge which provides a speed descent from Madeiran Monte to Livramento, Funchal. That is the usual route of this unusual transportation. It was made using basketwork and it is operated by two drivers, who are also called “carreiros”, standing at the back using their feet to push and control the vehicle. 

With a maximum speed is 24 mph, toboggan originated in the 19th century when it was regarded as a popular mode of downhill public transportation. These days, however, it is now used for tourist attractions as it offers the beautiful landscapes of Madeiran.


The Netherlands’ Party Ride

The name is quite different from its purpose. The purpose of this vehicle is to serve as a refreshment stand for people, and the refreshments are usually alcohol which is popular in the streets of Amsterdam.

The origin of the beer bike dates back to the Netherlands in 1997. Now it has become a multi-passenger cart for leisure activities to attract tourists to the city. However, it can also be used for staff and bachelor parties, hence the name. Ever since its emergence in the Netherlands, the party bike has made appearances in some European countries as well as in the United States.