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The Mexican capital is one of the largest metropolises in the world, with a vast amount of cultural and entertainment options that will leave you wanting to know more and more, so if you are planning a trip to this country and spend a few days in Mexico City We offer you some important information to take into account so that you know how to plan a trip to Mexico City and enjoy your stay to the fullest.

Steps to follow:

Step: 1

From June to September are the months with the highest amount of rainfall, characterized by copious and frequent rains, so it is not the best time to visit the city, better do it from November to May, but keep in mind that the DF also has winter, not as strong as in other countries, but it is necessary to bring a coat

Step: 2

The city has an extensive public transport network , the metro is made up of 11 lines and 175 stations, there are also buses, trolleybus, metrobus and light and suburban trains and a huge number of taxi drivers, therefore plenty of options to get around. Regarding taxis, for safety reasons, it is better to take those that are well marked and belong to lines that can be identified.

Step: 3

Book your flight in time and look for offers to this destination, you can save some money. At the lodging level, the city has hotels for all budgets, from luxurious chains, through colonial hotels in the city center and other more moderate hostels, everything will depend on the budget. The city is very big, so the closer you are to the center, the easier it will be to get around. Find here beautiful and cheap Hotels in Mexico .

Step: 4

To leave the airport you have several taxi lines, but you must buy the ticket inside the airport at the indicated points, there you will indicate the direction you are going and a ticket will be given to you with which you can then get into the taxi, this offers you the security of knowing that you travel with a certified driver

Step: 5

If you like history, a place that will occupy a large part of your day is the Zocalo, a mandatory visit in the city. In its surroundings you must enter the Government Palace and witness the incredible murals of one of the geniuses of Mexican painting, Diego de Rivera, visit the Metropolitan Cathedral and see how it leans due to its collapse and attend the Museum of the Temple, which you gather archaeological remains of the Aztecs, the perfect combination between the past and present of this beautiful country.

Step: 6

You cannot miss the opportunity to go to one of the most important museums in Latin America, it is the Museum of Anthropology , which brings together one of the most important collections of Mesoamerican cultures, including the emblematic Piedra del Sol and some Olmec heads. Reserve at least two hours for this visit, which is well worth it


Step: 7

Very close to Mexico City, about 40 minutes away, is Teotihuacan , the city of the gods, an unmissable archaeological complex in which the pyramid of the moon and the pyramid of the sun rise. It is a visit that you cannot miss to get in touch with its unique energy and fully enjoy the legacy of the civilization that inhabited this area and about which so little is known. Reserve at least half a day for this tour

Step: 8

If you like Frida Khalo and everything that surrounds her, then you must visit La Casa Azul, which was her home in the past and currently works as a museum. Located in Coyoacan, one of the districts of the city, the place lends itself to a good walk, it also has museums dedicated to Diego de Rivera and Leon Trotsky

Step: 9

And how can we talk about Mexico without mentioning its incredible gastronomy ? To plan a trip through this city, even through this country, you should set aside time to try their food because it is really worth it. If you do not enjoy spiciness, it is good that you make it known when ordering and that you refrain from trying the pico de gallo, a combination of tomato, onion, chili and cilantro, which you will normally find on restaurant tables, as it is usually spicy

Step: 10

You cannot go through this city without trying the tacos al pastor , perhaps one of the most popular forms of tacos in the country due to the wonderful flavor of its meat. Nor can you ignore the nopal , which is nothing more than the cactus, with which delicious dishes such as quesadillas with nopal are made. The tamarind and Jamaica waters are also a must-see classic in this place if you are looking to cool off a bit

Step: 11

DF is a city that deserves to be visited and enjoyed in depth, so if you want to see the best it has to offer, we recommend spending at least 5 days, so you can have close contact with culture and enjoy its many monuments, museums and places emblematic without trouble


  • Wear comfortable shoes, because among its many options you will have to walk a lot and it is best to be comfortable
  • Check the weather, take sunscreen if you visit Teotihuacan and at least one sweater because depending on the season it is usually cool at night
  • If you like spicy food and you enjoy Mexican food, we recommend taking a gastric protector and antacids to avoid stomach discomfort.
  • Plan the trip so that you can enjoy each attraction you want to see, if you are running you may not be able to see what you want fully