Posted on: September 20, 2022 Posted by: Roger Walker Comments: 0
Relax with Ease

Sometimes, the thoughts of taking that needed break from family, work or school come with another thought, especially when it comes with a price. However, there are simpler ways to minimize stress without breaking a sweat.

Spending time in nature and listening to relaxing music are two popular relaxation techniques—yet sometimes that “chill out” station on your Spotify can feel overplayed, or 90 per cent humidity makes frolicking in nature less than desirable. Here are some ways to unwind, courtesy of Australia online pokies.

  1. Laugh a little (or a lot) more

The benefits of laughter are huge—and literally, there are no downsides (unless you’re giggling in a serious work meeting, but even then, your colleagues might appreciate some levity). The physical act of laughing calms your body. Research has shown that laughter reduces stress hormones and increases health-enhancing hormones. It can improve your mood and give you a sunnier outlook, too.

  1. Write a postcard to someone you miss

Restaurants often hand out postcards with your check so start stashing them—or buy a few next time you’re travelling—and scribble out some words to a family member or friend you haven’t talked to in a while. In our digital world, there’s something special about receiving analogue mail.

  1. Swap a book with a friend

When it feels like my brain hasn’t recharged in a while, usually I find that I haven’t curled up with a good book recently. You don’t need to hit up Amazon to find your next great novel—ask a literary friend to swap their last favourite book with you. The best part: You can bond over the books once you’re done reading, courtesy of casino en ligne argent reel.

4 Chew gum

The advantages of chewing gum are endless. Not only does it freshen breath and reduce snacking, but chewing gum can also reduce anxiety and depression. In a 2008 study conducted by Andrew Scholey, Ph.D., participants who regularly chewed gum demonstrated lower levels of anxiety, increased alertness, reduced stress and improvement with multi-tasking. I don’t know about you, but I’ll be picking up some Wrigley’s tomorrow.

5 Become an artist

You don’t have to be as talented as Leonardo da Vinci to benefit from arts and crafts. Art and music therapy are proven methods often used to relieve stress because the activity takes your mind off whatever it is that is stressing you and promotes relaxation. Even when you have completed the session, you will likely return to your daily life with less stress and a clearer mind than before you created your masterpiece.

6 Get frisky

According to research, sex helps reduce stress.  Sex is a wonderful combination of many factors, including the release of endorphins and social connection, that result in stress relief. Although it may not be able to get rid of whatever you are actually stressing about, it definitely improves your attitude about it.

  1. Inflate a balloon

Not only will this probably make you smile a bit, which is also known to reduce stress, but inflating a balloon forces you to deep breathe. So next time you go to your office, place a few balloons in your drawer and remind yourself to blow one up whenever you are beginning to feel stressed. And when people laugh at you, just know you are also helping them reduce stress by making them chuckle.