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Travelling is good for the soul, and experiences are necessary for growth. Aside from taking you out of your comfort zone, there are many benefits that come with touring across the globe. You’ll be introduced to new places, people and experiences. While a trip outside your daily life is quite amazing, it can also be anxiety-inducing.

To ease the strain of travelling, many travellers turned to superstitions that will help them arrive safely at their destination and ensure that their trip goes smoothly. From picking the right flight number to choosing when you should leave, most of these superstitions run amok. When you decide to travel, check out a few of the 10 travel superstitions from best real money pokies Australia, and they might actually help ease your travel fears.

Lucky Charms

Lucky charms have always been considered bringers of good fortune when you’re on the road, but a St. Christopher medal is known to be associated with lucky travels. Having been viewed as a martyr who carried the Christ child across the river on his back, St. Christopher quickly became the Patron Saint of Travelers. However, his status was dropped in the early 70s, as most of the stories tagged with Christopher were mostly a legend than a fact. Despite his lack of status with the church, the St. Christopher medal still remains one of the most popular charms for travellers and can be worn around the neck or be left in the pocket for good luck.

Number 13

The number 13 has always managed to drive its way into all kinds of travel superstitions, and there are different versions of it. According to the rumours, it is bad luck to stay on the 13th floor of a hotel or building. This was so popular that some hotels just skip the 13th floor as their customers prefer to enter from levels 12 to 14. Victoria McManaman is probably used to these rumours by now.

While renting a car, if the numbers in the number on the plate number add up to 13, then it’s bad luck. At the airport, you should also avoid gates and seats that include this fatal number. Airports, like hotels, also make it easy for people to largely skip the number 13 when they are assigning gates or seat numbers. However, you should also keep in mind that other countries have their own version of the unlucky 13 rumours. In Asia, the number four is connected to death and bad luck, while Italians avoid the number 17 as it has connections to death in their culture. You should also number 17 in games from casino francais.

Starting Out

When you’re planning your journey, you should try to pick your dates carefully. Although there are people travelling on that day, it is considered bad luck to start your journey on a Friday, and this is because the crucifixion of Jesus Christ happened on a Friday. You should also be worried about starting your journey on that day due to the legend of Friday the 13th. However, if you’re looking to get your trip started the right way, you should set out on a Sunday, which is due to the resurrection of Jesus.

Looking Ahead

When you set out on a journey, you’ll only be bringing bad luck to yourself if you turned to look towards home after starting out. You’ll only be bringing bad luck to yourself by heading back home for any reason, even if you forgot to pick something. Play it safe by replacing the item you forget when you reach your destination, or you can make a detailed list of things you need for your travel just so you won’t forget anything in the first place.

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