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Mountain landscapes

Like every other adventure, mountain climbing comes with certain myths. An acute mountain sickness (AMS) is usually mentioned any time

height climbing comes up. Here are other false beliefs, courtesy of online casino.

Don’t climb an odd number of times

This myth implies that on certain mountains, there are restrictions that should be obeyed not to climb an odd number of times. It is said that if it is violated then there will be problems encountered during the ascent. For example, the odd number of group members will be fulfilled by another creature. Or, there are other problems that seem to forbid you to climb to the top.

Caffeine is bad with heights

It is well known that caffeine is a diuretic. So the theory goes that drinking caffeine causes you to pee, which in turn causes dehydration. And what do we know about hydration or lack thereof?  But the research says otherwise. One study showed that caffeine did not appear to increase the amount of urination. Another showed that for caffeine to have a significant diuretic effect, the amount you would need to consume is more than 500 mg per day — or the equivalent of 1.2 liters of brewed coffee!

Do not climb during menstruation

A the time of menstruation, women usually get tired faster when climbing. This may hinder the team’s journey to reach the top. In addition, sometimes the blood during menstruation can invite spirits to the mountain. But this shouldn’t be considered a myth.

Don’t take anything

Another myth is that climbers should not take and bring home anything from the mountain. Because this attitude is wrong and does not love nature. If you want to help preserve nature, then let the plants or whatever you see have a unique shape that thrives in its place, courtesy of

Do not complain

We recommend that when climbing do not complain too much even though you have difficulties throughout the climb. Because sometimes your complaints will immediately come true while on the mountain. So, you need to keep your attitude and if you want to complain, it’s enough in your heart so that everything goes smoothly until you return home safely.

Grandpa in white robe in Ciremai

The figure of this white-robed grandfather often appears around the Lingga Stone. Lingga stone is a large stone that was used by great people to meditate. The figure of this grandfather also sometimes appears to the climbers who pass by.

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