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The beautiful Alpine landscapes dominate western Austria. The Danube naturally draws a wide avenue that runs through the heart. Vienna meets all our expectations in terms of monumentality, elegance, and manor.

Today we take a short walk through one of those cities that seem tale and you should consider visiting, especially in the latter months of the year that is covered with a special atmosphere. I will give you 6 good reasons to visit Salzburg.

Romantic Road

A good reason to visit Salzburg is that there begins one of the most beautiful European pathways. I speak lar famous “Romantic Road” which spans 380 kilometers of breathtaking landscapes and villages.

From Salzburg to Vienna, the Austrian Romantic Road goes through the most beautiful landscapes of the Salzkammergut, the Pre-Alps and Wachau, for 20 localities of special tourist interest. This route, frequented by Romans and Celts, was already at that time, an important trade route.

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Castle Hellbrun

Castle Hellbrun (XVII century), on the outskirts of the city. You will be amazed to see the living room with its trompe l’oeil paintings and decorated so romantic. In its gardens, fountains laugh at you throwing water from different suppliers without any apparent order and always surprising to some unsuspecting tourist. It also has a mechanical theater with more than 200 figures in motion.

Historic helmet

Its picturesque old town was named Cultural Heritage. The streets that climb the mountain, small shovels, stately architecture, posters and lights forging, give a special charm. There are many visits to make, for example the residence of the archbishops, imposing early Baroque building with its sumptuous rooms and Gallery, where you can enjoy European paintings from the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries.

From the Residenzplatz part Fiaker, a carriage will take you through the main sites of the city. A conveyance which was widely used at the time when his native famous, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, crossed the city on the same floor you walk oncobblestones.

Adjacent is the Salzburg Cathedral, which is considered the most important sacred building of the city. It was named Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, which is present in every corner of his hometown as “genius loci”.

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Mozart’s Birthplace

Visit postponed. Also reserve time to visit the birthplace of Mozart (Mozart Geburtshaus), in which the great composer saw the light for the first time 01/27/1756. You will find it located in the famous Getreidegasse street where tall, narrow houses, attractive shops and romantic courtyards are responsible for providing a pleasant environment

Hohensalzburg fortress

Hohensalzburg Fortress (XI century) is the largest castle in Central Europe preserved in its entirety. A watchtower on the city suffered successive amendments to its current profile (XV century). A place to visit and get tired of taking pictures from there, even in the coldest weather periods with snowy rooftops at your feet. It also has a couple of very interesting museums to visit inside.

Christmas markets

As I said at the beginning, from November Salzburg plunges into the Christmas spirit. Among its cobbled streets carefully decorated stalls are installed and dusk lighting street lamps and live music at the corners take you to walk it.