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Northern Lights

Along and breadth of the globe there are numerous sites that hide incredible landscapes waiting to be discovered by our eyes, and Canada is one of them.

This country located in North America, also houses the famous Niagara Falls, has one of the most amazing natural sources in the world with more than two million lakes, parks and incredible hills.

Northern Lights
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If we think of a region located at the northern end of the American continent, immediately we imagine a cold desert without much room to offer more than some snowy mountains. However, Canada is much more than that. Here you can enjoy both summer and winter and has many activities for visitors to live an unforgettable holiday regardless of the time when traveling.

On hot days we recommend practice some water activities like water skiing Sailing, beyond some outdoor sports like tennis or golf, two good alternatives. Yes what we like is shopping in Alberta are the world’s largest mall, the “West Edmonton Mall”. In turn, there are other options such as Eaton Centre, located in Toronto, which has a wide variety of exotic products.

The most interesting regions to visit are: Yukon, Nunavut, Manitoba, Newfouldland and Labrador.

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We recommend you start your trip to Toronto, as well as being one of the largest cities in existence, has many attractions to offer and most importantly of all, it is only an hour and a half of Niagara Falls and Ontario casinos.

We continue our journey in Newfouldland and Labrador, where we can see icebergs and whales performing an amazing kayaking tour. We will also have the opportunity to observe the amazing polar bears in Manitoba, make a polar expedition in Nunavut, riding a sleigh pulled by huskies or skiing in any of the spectacular mountains of Kluane Valley.

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