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As you know those coffee lovers, this has different flavors according to destination where it is taken. Whether for its raw material, mode of manufacture, the attention of the place where we meet or simply find another destination, the taste changes.

Café Tortoni, Buenos Aires Argentina: The most famous cafe in Buenos Aires has over 150 years of experience and has become a tourist spot for those traveling to the city. Several famous names in Buenos Aires have frequented this landmark, as Carlos Gardel and Eva Peron. The atmosphere visitors back to the mid-twentieth century, and more than a cafe, became a cultural center equipped with a library, a billiard room and even a stage for shows where you can see tango dancers.

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Café New York-Budapest, Hungary: In the twentieth century coffee in New York was an important site in the history of Budapest, the central point of the social circles of writers, philosophers and artists in general. This charming place, full of history and luxury wherever you look, you have a period setting with gold dominant color. It is currently the cafeteria Boscolo New York Palace.

Café Florian – Venice, Italy: Open since 1720, is the most traditional city cafe located in Piazza San Marco. This site maintains the original architecture and decoration envelops decide to visit in a unique atmosphere. In addition to enjoying a delicious cup of coffee, the place keeps a more important value added, as very important personalities of world culture were frequent customers of coffee, as Charles Dickens and Proust, among many other important names in history.

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Café de la Paix – Paris, France: Paris not have the same charm if it were not for the thousands of cafes and tables scattered throughout the city outdoors. It is impossible to visit this destination and not take an exquisite coffee with dessert. The Café de la Paix, is one of those many places, with the difference that is the most traditional. It was by the French government declared a historic site in 1975, frequented by talented and influential writers of France in the nineteenth century. With a privileged location, it is located between the Opera Garnier and the Boulevard des Capucines.

Café Imperial – Prague, Czech Republic: The Imperial Coffee is the most famous of the many cafes that are in the Czech capital. The place located within the Art Deco Imperial Hotel Prague also offers meals with amazing mixtures, to enjoy a gourmet coffee and delicious dish. The cafeteria is so famous, that has provided the backdrop of two scenes from the movie “The Illusionist”.