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It is important to have all required boating accessories before heading out for a boating trip. Boats are required to have certain essential boat equipment at all times including a boarding ladder, a life raft, flares, life jackets, and a marine radio. All equipment should be checked frequently for damages to ensure that they are functioning as required. However, some states do not require smaller recreational boats to have certain safety equipment.
Radar Reflectors
Some boats return very weak echo to radar, which helps to detect objects by measuring the reflection of radio waves. Such boats should have a radar reflector to maximize visibility for boats that use radar as the main means of detecting objects. According to the SOLAS V policies, boats are required to have a radar reflector so that they can easily be detected by ships that depend on radar for navigation. Basically, this means that you should use radar on your boat and be considerate of the limitations of radar reflectors.

Tips about boating accessories

Automatic Identification System (AIS)
Automatic Identification System (AIS) are popular class B sets, especially for non-SOLAS boats. According to SOLAS V regulations, all vessels with more than 300 gross tonnage engaged on international voyages are required to have automatic identification systems, regardless of their sizes. However, small boats and yachts are not legally required to have automatic identification systems. Small boats and yachts with AIS are required to have an AIS B receiver or transponder.

An AIS receiver conveys data regarding the vessel or boat to other boats. This information can be received by any other boat that has AIS. The information relayed includes the boat’s identification, if it is underway or not, and where it is headed.

Life raft
Generally, a life raft is a floating device that can be used for emergencies. It is one of the most expensive boat safety equipment available for recreational boats. Because of its high cost, many people do not have life rafts in their boats.

Fire Fighting
A fire on board a boat can be quite hard to successfully tackle. Therefore, it is important to observe fire safety precautions to minimize risk of a fire occurring. However, if fire occurs, it is helpful to have sufficient firefighting equipment if the fire is to be extinguished fast and effectively.