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We invite you to discover the “Heroic City” located in Moscow! The city is historically called this way because the honorary title awarded during the Soviet regime.

Besides being the capital of Russia, Moscow is a fascinating city, full of history, beautiful architecture and majestic palaces. It is considered by many travelers as a city of contrasts, since there the colorful domes of cathedrals mingle with the high and cold Stalinist buildings.

However, not everything in Moscow is history and architecture. Currently, the city is the third largest economic center of Europe. It has hundreds of theaters and museums highlights, especially the Bolshoi Theater, where performances present the famous Russian Ballet. In turn, the city has four international airports, three ports and is the most populous city in Russia and Europe.

These are just some of the major sites that characterize Moscow and you can go on your next flight to Russia…

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The Seven Sisters are seven towering skyscrapers of the city. They were built during the Stalin era, with an average height of 200 meters! The fabulous facades of these buildings and history that make them worthy of possessing visit them on a guided tour.

Kremlin in Moscow you will feel in a real medieval kingdom. It is a complex of palaces and cathedrals surrounded by the majestic Kremlin Wall. The image levees Kremlin at dusk is really beautiful.

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Red Square is the most famous square in Moscow that separates the Kremlin’s shopping district. It is considered the heart of Moscow because of the history that surrounds it and because the main avenues and streets of the city are born there. Please cross it accompanied by a tour guide to not miss anything!

St. Basil’s Cathedral is without doubt the most beautiful building that the city hosts. Colored domes give life and presence to this building over 400 years.

The Shukhov Tower, finally, is a structure of 130 meters long that was used for the Russian broadcasting. His way of hyperbole contains certain visual charm for the visitor. Visit for more travel tips.

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