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Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a paradise city of Mexico that combines natural beauty with the magic of its traditional streets and expressions of culture. It is a destination that you must visit, and as the logo says, even worth going back because they live more than once.

Puerto Vallarta
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Located on the Pacific coast in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta is a city that offers a variety of activities to enjoy on holiday. That’s why the chosen people of all ages and tastes. And even I have chosen as my next destination!

As every Mexican tourist destination located on the coast, the beauty of the beaches is something that is always present. In addition to rest on its white sand shores, they can be made more intense as diving and whale watching activities. Small tip: Playa de Oro and Playa de los Muertos are those beaches you have to visit if or when!

Being one of the most stunning destinations in the region, Puerto Vallarta has some of the most exclusive hotels. The variety of hotels in Puerto Vallarta is really admirable, with accommodation for families with children, couples or groups of friends. The location of these is distributed in the five most important areas of the city: the Marina, the north, the center of the city (the Malecon), Pueblo Viejo and South.

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Recently, the city has changed its logo to renew and continue to position itself as one of the best tourist destinations in Mexico. Its aim is to differentiate itself from other destinations because of its variety of activities and unique landscapes. That’s why they used the colors of the rainbow in its traditional seahorse.