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New York

The day that everyone wants (or should) live in New York at least once in life.

Do brunch at a little bar nestled in a narrow street near the Flatiron Building. The café Prague is a small restaurant where you do the Sunday brunch. Here the food is fresh, tasty and very filling. You can find everything from soup to sandwiches, hot dishes to the characteristic of the Czech Republic to beer, from salads to desserts. But above all, you can order pancakes, orange juice and French toast.

The decor has a European feel, recalls, in fact, the historical center of Prague. Rarely meet tourists; there is a way and going of patrons of many nationalities who ask coffee or muffins takeaways.

New York
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Walk in a museum and if the one chosen is the Guggenheim you get the feeling of enjoying more the container contents. Indeed it is precisely the reason why it is raising all 5th street. It reads Guggenheim, but it reads Wrigth.

Stunning is the architectural structure of the museum: a candid white cup with a large ramp and a glass roof that collects contemporary art works super. Of course not everyone will like it, but this museum has definitely made the history of architecture and is an undeniable charm.

Recognize and enjoy the thousands and thousands of film and telefilm references that emerge from every corner. From the steps of the Met, where they chat Serena and Blair, the houses on the side of the park, shops, the fountains. We can say that in New York the cinema is home. The Plaza Hotel was used by Hitchcock for North by Northwest. Washington Square appears in I Am Legend Will Smith. The Grand Central is reminiscent of The Untouchables. The Katz’s Delicatessen is the restaurant of that famous scene from Harry Met Sally. And we could go on forever.

For fans of the show to cult areas are Chelsea, Greenwich Village and the Meatpacking Distric. Sex and the City, Friends and Gossip Girl to recall every shot these areas of New York. The journalist Beppe Severgnini writes, in fact, “In America you do not go, you go back to America, also the first time!”

Rent a bike and run around Central Park. See baseball games, important places musically, people living green and resting.

Central Park is a city within a city. It has its own rules, its direction, its resting places, its monuments. Every inch of the park there is a story to tell: from John Lennon to Alice in Wonderland, the pond with small boats to the bridge wishes to exchange a kiss full of secrets, the Walk of Fame of American writers angel warrior Bethesda fountain. The most special thing is always the feeling of being in the middle of a green valley surrounded by tall buildings.

Enter at Tiffany’s, just what Holly, where they spend Paturnie, and come out excited and some celestial package in his hands. Continue shopping from Bendel right to feel a little more New York. New York is magical; the atmosphere that you live and breathe walking through the streets you’ll catch. The Fifth Avenue is without a doubt the most overwhelming. The shops are very stylish and make you succumb to the temptation to shop, from super-tech glass cube from Apple to the Trump Tower. It’s nice, then, to observe, when you are stopped at traffic lights, the typical taxi while running around the streets.

Witness the musical “Mamma Mia” on Broadway, the musical can be any, on the bill are always “Les Miserable’s,” “The Lion King”, and continue to sing the songs of Abba, and not only during dinner in a little place 60 where the waiters who are also and above all, dancers and singers also involve yourself in an impromptu performance. Broadway on the corner of 51st Ellen’s Stardust Dinner should be a must for those wishing to savor the true essence of New York.

Simple place, style Happy Days, where you can eat everything, from steak to pasta, as not imitate the real Americans and order macaroni and cheese, with cheerfulness. You can have dinner with thirty dollars, witnessing a continuous show…

Walk to Times Square and the 42nd at night as if it were an everyday thing .And there are no other words, even the words are not enough. You have to be overwhelmed by the colors that are enhanced by the dark. The gold of the Prometheus of Rockefeller Center, the yellow taxis, the green Battery Park, the black uniforms of policemen, the blue sea of the bay, the silver gray of the concrete giant and the manhole steam, red, that the advertising signs, joins the blue and white of the stars and stripes. And then … millions of faces, mixed races and expressions, smiles and sadness, joy of living and anxieties …