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Bungee Jumping

If you consider yourself a real adventurer and the feeling that awakens the adrenaline in your body is something you are passionate about, we recommend that you practice bungee jumping. This is certainly a wake-up call for the daredevils who want to give a little action to their lives.

Better known as Bungee Jumping, sport has its origins in a ritual that was made in the village of Bunlap: each year, hundreds of young, eager to be considered men and in order to win the hand of his beloved, threw themselves to vacuum from a structure of sticks about 25m. high, built with vines that bind their feet. Everything was accurately measured so that at the time of jump, the floor brush head.

Bungee Jumping
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Over the years this activity was becoming much better known, was perfected, to become the extreme sport that is known today. The mechanics is to fall head first from a platform or crane with an elastic cord tied to both feet, which allows falling at a maximum speed and then break the fall.

The main attraction of bungee jumping is that it is an exciting experience in which one vacuum is pulled with the only protection a harness and an elastic cord. That freefall creates a special feeling that is repeated with different rebounds, thanks to gravity and the force exerted by the body.

As for the scenarios available to venture into free fall, there are many places that are frequented by tourists for this sport. In Argentina, it is usually practiced in Dique Cabra Corral in Salta, from a metal ramp mounted on a bridge, at a height of 40 meters. After the jump you descend to a boat that takes you to the coast.

In Colombia you can practice Bungee in Guavio Dam or the bridge of Miraflores, both in Bogotá.

In Ecuador, there is a place par excellence to practice bungee jumping and Canyon Bridge in the Valley of Tumbaco. However the city of Bath also offers a stage more than adequate to get into the sport.

In Costa Rica, the most popular place is the bridge the Colorado River. This not only consolidated as one of the best places to practice Bungee but also as one of the safest.

While most people who never practiced this extreme sport think it is high risk, insurance companies there said that if performed all the necessary measures, the risk is almost nil and any traveler can do it.

High, low, Americans, Europeans, anyone who wishes can enter the world of bungee jumping, and just let go. Welcome to the world of freefall.

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