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A weekend in Spain, can you ask for more ?. Open the trunk, put a couple of suitcases and start: play a weekend getaway. Where? Well, this time, hand in hand with Holiday guru colleagues , we will go a little out of the route, or the most typical cities to get closer to less famous and crowded cities, but perfect to discover in a weekend.

Spain: weekend getaway

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In November or autumn? Yes, but not necessarily. Perhaps in some the sky is more covered or fall the odd shower depending on the time of year. But usually, any weekend getaway of the year is appropriate to visit these cities that we present below. We will go through the map of Spain through five beautiful cities worthy of a visit. Put your favorite soundtrack, we hit the road!

Leon (Castile and Leon)

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If you have a good appetite, this city is perfect. The Humid Neighborhood is presented as an ideal option for lovers of vermouths. And wines of the afternoon, it is impossible to count their bars with the fingers of one hand. The cover accompanying the drink is mandatory. And no complaints are accepted because there is nothing better than that to recharge batteries and tour the city.

The historic center of the city of Leon has a number of monuments that you should not miss during your visit. And a weekend getaway will allow you to discover them in depth.

First of all, you should not miss its Cathedral , one of the most famous in Spain, mainly for its imposing rose window on the main facade. Once discovered, when you leave. If you continue on Cardenal Landazuri Street, you will reach the Medieval Wall of Leon.

You can also visit Casa Botines, a building designed by Antoni Gaudi, with a modernist style in a historic city. Something that perhaps seems less striking. But that is most romantic is to walk along the Bernesga River, along the Papalaguinda promenade, at dusk or late at night.

Cadiz (Andalusia)

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The little silver cup is the name with which many people from Cadiz refer to their city. In a weekend you will have enough time to discover. It thoroughly, and you will still have time to taste the most authentic fried fish. We start with La Caleta, its most famous beach, in the old part of the city. If the sun is with you, do not hesitate to enjoy a day of rest in its fine sand.

The Tower of Tavira is a must in the itinerary if you want to enjoy the views of the city from the heights. But if you want to do it with your feet on the ground. Nothing like walking through the Genoves Park and the gardens of Alameda Apodaca. Between a serving of shrimp omelette in the Plaza de las Flores and a tapa of pickled dogfish in the Plaza de la Catedral. You can go to Teatro Falla, where the famous Cadiz Carnival is celebrated.

Toledo (Castilla La Mancha)

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The city of the three cultures can be discovered in two or seven days. It all depends on how interested you are in visiting each of its monuments. We assure you that a weekend getaway is enough time. Where you can enjoy Castilian cuisine, architecture and history and some walks as in another era.

Crossing the Puerta de Bisagra you will enter the city , and from there you can start walking without stopping. Arriving at the Plaza de Zocodover, the central and social point of the city, very close to the Alcázar de Toledo. Something that we love about this city. And if going through one monument after another does not go with you. You will like it too are the viewpoints of the Tagus River. From where you can enjoy the views of the city, which are impressive.

Gerona (Catalonia)

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Do you like colorful and different corners? Then, crossing the Pont d’en Gomez is a must in Gerona. The Oñar River crosses the city and leaves us with some incredible banks, whose buildings are part of all the postcards. You’re probably tired of seeing the Cathedral of Santa Maria de Gerona in information related to Game of Thrones, but before being a media monument.

It was already a monument internationally highlighted by its ship, which is the widest vaulted gothic space in the world . One of our favorite places, outside of Força Vella, the historic part of the city, is the Mercado de Lleo, which has more than sixty stalls with local products from the province, more than appropriate if you want to discover local traditions while observing its day to day.

Cordoba (Andalusia)

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We return to Andalusia to taste a gazpacho to its homeland, something indispensable, but also to cross its Roman Bridge and discover the Mosque of Cordoba . Although it is not in May, the Patios de Cordoba can be admired throughout the year, you just have to pay attention when you walk through the streets.

Something very romantic and bohemian is getting lost in the neighborhood of the Cathedral, discovering the Calleja de las Flores. Many bars and restaurants, as well as souvenir and gastronomy shops, will be the companions of your walk through this impressive city that is worth visiting in a short break.

There are many great options to spend a weekend getaway in Spain and the list would be endless, but these five cities have all the ingredients to make your getaway a perfect trip. What other cities do you think are perfect for a weekend getaway in Spain?