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Travel backpack-Adventure. Independence. Challenge. Fun. Freedom. They are all words that surely come to mind when you think about organizing your own trip with the best companion you can have on the road: the travel backpack.

In addition to planning your itinerary, learning how to make your travel backpack or find out about each of the destinations, you will have to make decisions every day, learn to live on the move and, above all, manage your money. That’s right, the life experiences you gain will be incalculable while you enjoy the world in your own way, at your own pace and with the budget you have.

For you to launch this great journey explorer we offer you 10 tips that will help you become a great backpacker.

Choose your travel backpack well, they will be your faithful companions of route

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Yes. In plural. Everyone talks about the main backpack, which is the big one, but many neglect the auxiliary backpack that will be the one that really is with you on a day-to-day basis when you travel through cities or make excursions. It will also be your carry-on baggage when you make trips on airplanes or buses. Make sure that both backpacks are comfortable, according to your height, that they have wide and padded bands and that the design is ergonomic and practical. Do not skimp on expenses in your backpacks, one of poor quality can generate back pain and ruin your trip.

Travel light

This is the maximum of every traveler worth his salt. You can live with little and you will rarely be so far away from civilization that you will not find what you are looking for or need. The secret is to optimize the limited space of the travel backpack. Try to wear clothes that combine with each other, ultralight clothes and do not forget to check the weather in the countries you visit!

Book your flights in advance

This point is key to start managing your budget wisely, each ticket you save will mean more travel time or an extra treat you can give when you feel you deserve it! If you already know that you have to make some trips by plane during your trip, buy them as soon as possible.

Take care of your money in small daily expenses and stick to your budget

One of the secrets of travelers to extend their travel time is their ability – innate or acquired – to always adjust to their daily budget and avoid unnecessary expenses. It is important that you learn to use your money from day to day with head and control, one way to do it is to record all your expenses in a notebook. If you travel to countries where bargaining is common, lose shyness and bargain!

Bring an idea of ​​your itinerary and the sites that you do or want to know but leave space for improvisation

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One of the advantages of traveling as a backpacker is the freedom for the route to be made while you advance. If you go with a closed itinerary you may miss great opportunities to meet other wonderful places that are not on the tourist route or to live great experiences with other travelers or local people who can propose a different destination.

Travel with an open mind … and eyes too

Travel to see other natural and urban landscapes and other cultures. Things are not going to be “like at home” and it’s useless – more than to tarnish the trip – you get frustrated because the buses do not come on time, the hotel was not what you expected or how to behave on the other It seems strange or incomprehensible. Customs are not the same in all countries and it is you who must adapt. Observe your surroundings, enjoy, learn and let yourself be carried away by everything around you. The two aces you should always have up your sleeve are: smile and patience.

Take advantage of the variety of accommodations

You will learn concepts such as ” dorms “, ” guest houses” or “GH”, “_ hostels _”, ” camping and glam pings ” or ” couch surfing “. Lose the fear of sharing a room with strangers, try couch surfing or discover a guest house. Share, live and respect are the key in all these types of accommodation for backpackers.

Before traveling, read a little about the culture you go to

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Understanding the culture and traditions of a country will help you prepare mentally for your visit, as well as avoid going through some uncomfortable moments or even disrespect someone without knowing it. If you can also read a little about the history of the country and its cities as it will allow you to better understand the society in which you are, you will understand what you are seeing (monuments, emblematic places, etc.) and it will be easier to choose the destinations that you want to visit within a country.

Enjoy the local cuisine, do not be afraid to try new things!

We already know that “like mom’s food, none” or that from eating so much “rice” you’ll want to fall into the temptation of a hamburger in an American chain. But gastronomy is a fundamental part of the cultural identity of a country and if you leave without tasting their typical dishes you will go without a key piece of the folkloric puzzle.

Communicate with both local people and other travelers

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You’ve heard more than once that “travel is people.” Unfailingly your travel backpacking  will be marked by each and every one of the people you meet on the way. Whether the footprint left is large or small, as a whole will make your trip unique. In the hostels you probably talk to many other travelers, but do not forget to connect with the local people, whether you travel in countries where you speak the language or where you can not communicate through words. Always a smile or a look can say many things.