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what to see in greece

Fans of ancient history and archeology have an unmissable date in Greece, whose remains of civilizations give the place that mystical and seductive air that manages to catch any tourist from the first moment.

It is not necessary to be an expert in classical history to know how to appreciate the spectacular monuments that the country can offer to the most awakened and observant tourist. Greece manages to awaken in any person that spirit of adventurous explorer, transferring to the most remote times and knowing in first person the lifestyle and customs of those people.

What to see in greece?

If you are planning a cultural visit to the Greek country, here is a small guide with the best and most essential archaeological sites. First on the list is the Acropolis of Athens, the perfect symbol to represent the culture of the most classical Greece.

what to see in greece

Delphi city

The second is the city ​​of Delphi. Surely you have heard this name on more than one occasion and that is why it is so well known to you. The most famous personalities of the time were approaching the mythical oracle at Delphi, such as kings and Athenian leaders, eager to ask the gods about future events.

The oracle is also very famous for its great influence in southern Italy and Sicily, which even became the religious center of the Hellenic world. The imprecision of his predictions are also another of the most interesting points of this seductive oracle that he has been naming in countless movies, documentaries and novels.

The beauty of its landscapes, in addition to its well-preserved ruins, guarantees a unique experience for any tourist. Of course, don’t forget to visit any of its museums to learn more about the fascinating history of the city ​​of Delphi.


Olympia is another essential visit, since the Olympic Games had their origin here. The fourth stop is Epidaurus, a huge ruined sanctuary that despite being in poor condition, continues to arouse the interest of visitors. The best of all is its theater, in perfect condition, which hosts various concerts, music and theater festivals for all tastes.

Phaistos in Crete

Lastly, don’t forget to get close to Phaistos in Crete. According to the experts in the matter, it is the most authentic and natural place of all that you will find in Greece. These are some of the most important visits to the place, although it is true that the number of monuments and archaeological ruins in the country is infinite, so before your departure plan everything well, and do not forget any mystical corner because it would be an authentic pity.

Great Meteor

Great Meteor is the largest monastery in Meteora. A valley located near the town of Kalambaka. There you can arrive by train from any part of the country. I came from Thesaloniki and you have to make a train transfer very easy. There they tell you where to get off and the train is right on the same waiting platform.

City of ephesus

Ephesus was one of the colonies that Ancient Greece deployed through the current territory of the Anatolian Peninsula of Turkey, which at that time was known as Asia Minor. It seems that the foundation of Ephesus would have been due to the Ionian colonists led by Androclus, son of the Athenian king Codro. However, that would not have been a virgin territory at that time, since it seems that Léleges and Carios already inhabited the region in that period and were expelled by the Ionians. After the Ionians, there were many peoples who would have passed through Ephesus, among them the Persians.

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