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what to see in sedona

It is likely that on your long tour of the West United States, he reserved only one day (or not one!) For Sedona. If you plan to visit the Grand Canyon, I recommend that you book here to stay one night. From jeep tours to excursions, from spiritual cures, to massages, from natural wealth to energy vortexes, Sedona will be a pleasant surprise among most of the flat and monotonous cities of northern Arizona.

Sedona has something to offer to all tourists: mountain bikers, hikers, artists, photographers or simple nature lovers, Sedona is truly one of a kind.

What to see in sedona?

what to see in sedona

– Enjoy sunrise and/or sunset. The main attraction of Sedona is its spectacular red rocks, which seem to catch fire and shine with the reflection of sunlight.

– Take a jeep ride and enjoy an off-road trip to see areas of the desert that you may not have the opportunity to see on foot;

– Visit Red Rock Crossing: one of the most photographed scenes in the southwest is the imposing Cathedral Rock which is reflected in the waters of Oak Creek in Red Rock Crossing. If you have the opportunity and time permits, stop for a picnic in the Crescent Moon Picnic rest area (paid parking);

– Go on a vortex excursion. Try to see if you can feel the energy areas that come from the earth itself in one of the five vortices (or vortexes) reported in Sedona. Some people perceived sensations like a slight tingling sensation on the skin or a vibration emanating from the ground. The vortex is often said to create a palpable sensation between the nape of the neck and the shoulder blades. Go to Airport Mesa for a short excursion and to discover the power of one of the whirlpools;

– Shop at Tlaquepaque (pronounced Talah-keh-pah-keh), an authentic traditional Mexican village dedicated to the arts and artifacts, and enjoy a tasty lunch overlooking the Oak Creek at the Creekside Cafe. Although they say they are experts in espresso, don’t be tempted!

– Visit the Chapel of the Holy Cross. Many say they feel the powerful terrestrial energy of Sedona here more than anywhere else, because of its solemnity and its panoramic views, made even more suggestive by the light of sunrise or sunset;

– Walk on the Bell Rock Pathway. Many visitors say that the power of the vortex is strong here, but even if you don’t feel its energy, you can enjoy the easy walk around this monolith with a particular shape.

– Enjoy an energy balancing massage. Whether you are looking for a relaxing anti-stress massage, or a massage to retune your body and recharge your energy, Sedona has everything you want.

Some of the luxury resorts offer a luxurious one-day spa experience, other masseurs offer treatments in the nature amid the red rocks or in a room surrounded by trees, flowers and perfumes.