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From an original scale to weigh luggage to a portable battery charger, we tell you what products are going to help you prepare for your trip or what cannot be missing from your suitcase.

A classic of vacations is arriving at the airport with the doubt of whether the suitcase you are carrying exceeds the weight that the airline in question allows you to check in, not resting during the trip as you would like, or packing your suitcase without everything being tidy.

But remedying situations like these is easy if you turn to travel accessories, that is, those items designed to help you organize and enjoy the trip without worries.

Whether you are a regular of this type of product – but need more ideas – or if you have never used any, continue reading. Next, from the hand of El Corte Ingles, we offer you the definitive list of travel “gadgets” that you should not miss. No matter what your destination is or what transport you use to get there, all of them will save you time and allow you to organize yourself.

Perfect For Air Travel

Why not go with the already heavy suitcase to the airport? Avoid the typical nerves and last-minute uncertainty of thinking about whether or not you have exceeded the weight limit with a luggage scale. This one, from Beurer, gives you the exact weight up to 40 kg, making it ideal for air travel. Small and handy, you can place it on any handle. It also makes measuring easy, as it comes with a handy tape measure.

An Anti-Loss Device

Ports, train stations, airports… our luggage goes from one place to another next to us and it is normal that we want to have it under control. Whether you are a bit clueless or not, it will be very useful to get this anti-loss device that will allow you to locate your suitcase in case of loss. It works via bluetooth and is compatible with both IOS and Android.

A Universal Adapter

How many times have we wondered if the plug of our devices can be used in the country to which we travel? The best thing to avoid surprises is to have a universal adapter, approved for any country in the world. It does not take up space, so it is perfect to always put it in the suitcase.


Organization when traveling is key. For this reason, packs of covers like this one are essential. The three sizes of their bags, moreover, are very practical to use for different uses: to store underwear, toiletries, and those for the beach, for example. They will save you time, knowing at all times where you have things placed.

Carry Liquids In Your Hand Luggage

Are you still one of those people who stares at the bottle of gel while wondering if it will pass through airport security? Don’t gamble and play it safe: carry 100ml transparent bottles in your toiletry bag, which won’t give you any problems when boarding.

You can keep them in a bag , also transparent, like this one from Mr Wonderful.

Identify Your Luggage

It is a small detail that will help us a lot. How many identical or similar suitcases do we see when we go on a trip? This identification card holder in which includes personal and contact data will make us calmer when it comes to identifying our luggage and not taking someone else’s by mistake. In addition, you can recover your belongings in case of loss.

For A Good Rest

When we travel we like to be comfortable, whether by car, bus, train or plane. If you are one of those who have not yet taken an inflatable pillow on a trip, take note. Being able to have a quality rest while traveling is difficult, but with this pillow, you will achieve it. Cheer up, it does not take up space, and you will be the envy of those around you.

An Extra Battery

Tablet, computer, camera, mobile… When we travel, the technological gadgets that accompany us are innumerable. Also, in general, we tend to spend a lot of time on the street and we do not always have easy access to an outlet to recharge our batteries. The solution? Carry a portable battery in your bag or backpack that ensures that you can recharge your devices so that they last until you get to where you are staying.

Entertaining Moments

During the holidays, waiting hours at the airport or train stations are common. These are times when we have time to read, listen to music, watch movies… That’s why you can’t go without headphones in your suitcase, either headbands or headphones, and, for the most avid readers, an eReader in which to include your novel’s favorites.

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