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Anguilla Beaches

The Caribbean atmosphere surrounded by a sea that goes from deep blue to transparent through all shades of blue, light blue, green water. White sand, deserted beaches. If you are still not convinced to book your next trip to Anguilla, look at these photos and you will fall in love with this island!

1. Rendezvous BayAnguilla Beaches

The first beach we saw, the first that left us speechless, the first where we took hundreds of photos with the camera and with our eyes. This is Rendezvous Bay, located on the coast facing St. Martin, which on hazy days is outlined on the horizon! The beach of Rendezvous Bay is long, very long and there are few equipped structures that offer sunbeds or something to eat. But there is a kiosk that you cannot miss! It deserves not only to be seen but also to be tried for lunch: Bankie is located in the center of the bay and opens when you wake up.

This means that until 11.00 in the morning you will not find anyone but shortly after you will hear the call of the barbecue where he cooks chicken and grilled rosticciane. If you want more to eat, find another kiosk because he only prepares these (and I confirm that they are exceptional!). Do not miss the cocktails and trust the variants it will offer you: ever tried the banana mojito?

2. Shoal Bay East

The most famous beach in Anguilla is Shoal Bay East and if it is there is a reason! Overlooking the ocean, however, it has a calm sea and a rich reef that houses fish, plants, and turtles that you can easily see with a mask and fins, even if you are not an expert swimmer.

The bay is long and has several coves that create a particularly lively landscape: in the central part of Shoal Bay you will find restaurants and kiosks suitable for every palate (we have chosen the pistachio green construction, excellent!), Outside instead there are more desert areas ideal to isolate themselves from the rest of the world.

The cost of two sunbeds and an umbrella is about $ 10 and if you stay on the beach until late, you will witness one of the classic movie sunsets that you will tell your friends for years and years! If you want to make yourself a nice gift,

3. Meads BayAnguilla Beaches

The third most beautiful beach in Anguilla, in our opinion, is Meads Bay: this is also several hundred meters long, it faces west and is, therefore, another ideal spot to admire the sunset. The beach villas and bungalows are non-invasive and although there are various structures overlooking the sea, it will never be a crowded beach as it offers space for everyone.

For lunch and for snacks between a bath and another you can’t go wrong: Blanchards is worth trying. It is a small structure that offers everything from salads to shrimp sandwiches, from smoothies to brownies, it has a very rich menu to order at the counter and eat where you prefer, at the tables or on the beach. It also offers umbrellas and sunbeds for the price of $ 3 each!