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Kalkan Turkey

Kalkan is one of the most  in and chicest places in all of Turkey and, let us say, in the whole Mediterranean. What was Kalamaki for the Greeks is just a few kilometers from ancient Patara, and today it is a  holiday location that offers both sea and a dip in the history of these lands.

Kalkan, like neighboring Kas, is a lovely seaside resort in Turkey. While most tourists spend their time basking in the sun or swimming, history buffs will appreciate Kalkan’s proximity to several ancient Lycian cities. If you stop for a few days, you could rent a villa, so you can live in a dream location like a local.

Let’s see together what to visit, within the radius of this beautiful town, which in addition to the beautiful beaches also has much more to offer.

Patara BeachKalkan Turkey

Patara beach, with huge sand dunes behind it, is one of the most beautiful in Turkey. 18 kilometers of blue sea, fine beaches and, most importantly, spacious, which means that you can find a quiet place to relax even during the peak season. To visit absolutely.

Ancient PataraKalkan Turkey

Patara, like many other places in the area, manages to offer ruins worthy of the best European sites. The most important is perhaps that of the Greek theater, which was capable of hosting 5,000 people. For those with a weakness for the history of Rome and Magna Graecia.

XhantosKalkan Turkey

What was once the capital of Lycia, is located less than 30 km from the center of Kalkan, ready to welcome the tourist who has the pleasure of visiting antiquity. This is also a practically unique offer, which only Kalkan can put on the table.

Saklikent natural springs

We have already talked about Saklikent, a huge naturalistic complex that starts from Akdaglar (the white mountains) to arrive almost close to the sea. Very cold waters, to go to the ford, for a day that we could also engage with a little healthy rafting.

This is also a natural beauty that we invite you not to miss, for a tour of Turkey and its most hidden beauties, those that, let’s face it clearly,  you would never have expected to find in such a minute corner of the Mediterranean.