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Morocco is a country with deep-rooted customs and traditions that we must know if we are going to visit the country. When preparing our trip to Moroccan lands, it will be important to take into account some considerations so that our trip is a success. This is the case of the clothes that we must put in our suitcase, since there are certain social restrictions when it comes to dressing that we cannot forget. For this reason, We want to help you with this article on how to dress in Morocco.

Steps to follow:

Step: 1

First of all, it should be noted that if you visit the big cities of the country, such as Marrakech, Rabat or some areas of Fez, you will not see much difference, since they receive many tourists and western clothing is quite established.

Step: 2

Even so, especially in the most rural areas and especially women should take into account some facts when dressing. It is recommended not to wear short skirts or pronounced necklines ,

Step: 3

It is advisable, especially when entering mosques, to cover the knees, shoulders and neckline. In some places, access is restricted to those people who dress little covered and showing these parts of the body.

Step: 4

Likewise, in the case of women, they can also resort to covering themselves with a scarf or fine scarf in case it is cold or they need to cover their shoulders, back, etc.

Step: 5

It will also be convenient to always carry some warm clothing , especially if traveling in winter. This will allow shelter from low temperatures, especially at night.

Step: 6

If you travel to the desert, always wear clothing that helps protect you from the sun: glasses, shirts, scarves, hats, etc. Wear very comfortable clothing for these cases as well as shoes. Remember that in the desert at night it is cold, wear warm clothes.

Step: 7

As for footwear, comfortable, closed and well-fixed shoes are recommended. So sandals will not be the best ally to travel to Morocco.

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  • You can consult a guide in more detail by cities.
  • It is not necessary for female tourists to cover their faces or hair.