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It can be a challenge to plan a vacation that the whole family will enjoy, especially if you have a wide range of ages and interests in your group. Here are some vacation planning tips you can try to make sure your next family trip is fun and stress-free for all.

Create a Flexible Schedule

If you’re traveling with a group with many family members of different ages, you should be flexible with your scheduling. Try to take things slow and give yourself plenty of time to travel, eat and settle into your location. Don’t pack your itinerary with too many destinations or activities, and you’ll be able to avoid rushing and stress. Instead, leave some downtime in your schedule so you can include everyone from toddlers to grandparents in the fun at their own pace.

Pick a Relaxing Location

A vacation at a tranquil locale can recharge your energy and relax the whole family. Getting outdoors and reconnecting with nature can be very calming. Canoeing and walking in the forest are great ways to spend time outside. Vacations near the coast with beach access offer outdoor fun for all ages. For example, parents that stay at North Carolina beachfront rentals can enjoy reclining in the sun while their kids play in the sand and sea.

Choose Activities for Everyone

You should be aware of the different personalities and interests in your family when planning a vacation. While it’s great to find group activities that everyone can enjoy together, you can also take time for each family member to do something special for them. Maybe your adventurous teen wants to go kayaking, or your foodie spouse wants to hit up the local restaurant scene. Find ways to compromise so everyone can have fun. And make sure the parents take a little time for themselves, too.

You can have a fun and relaxing family trip if you balance everyone’s needs, pick a soothing location and remember to be flexible.

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