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In a corner of paradise where the sea sparkles with blue, nature screams its beauty among coral reefs, white beaches, and postcard views. Welcome to the Fiji Islands, an archipelago of Oceania made up of more than 300 atolls. The enchantment starts in the capital Suva. Here you will enjoy a town that knows how to combine the soul linked to traditions with that of an industrial center. You will relax in dream settings, but you will also have the opportunity to get to know the Islands through the museum collections.

Nature will not only be beaches, but also parks and botanical gardens. For water sports enthusiasts, Fiji will be the perfect place to go scuba diving and discover unrivaled marine life.

Do you dream of crystal clear beaches and breathtaking sunsets? Discover the paradisiacal beaches, which are the most beautiful to visit, and above all what to see in the Fiji Islands.

Beqa Lagoon

Bega Lagoon is right on the podium of the most beautiful beaches in the Fiji Islands. We are located on an islet near the southern coasts of Viti Levu and the Somosomo Strait. The area is famous because there are over 400 different types of coral on the seabed. It is the ideal place for snorkeling, as the underwater fauna is very varied and includes sharks of all kinds and angelfish. Offshore is one of the largest coral reefs in the world. The Great Sea Reef: here you can dive among dolphins, colorful fish, and turtles.

Nearby there is no shortage of hotels and restaurants with spectacular views. The winning idea is to try fish dishes, and enjoy the view, perhaps at sunset. Or admire the sea, getting lost in its thousand shades pampered by an ideal climate and surrounded by nature that will surprise you. You can also choose a walk and discover villages full of life, friendliness, and folklore.

Sovi Bay

It is renowned and popular for being one of the least expensive areas on the island. The long beach of golden sand is a classic meeting point for locals, to spend an afternoon outdoors or simply to have a picnic with friends. The place will conquer everyone for its colors, the peace, the clear and calm sea. Whether you want to bask in the sun or soak, the beach of Sovi Bay will satisfy you. Even for the kiosks where you can have snacks.

There is also a surprise nearby: the sand dunes that skim the Sigatoka River. The area, a space that extends for over 650 hectares, today represents a protected National Park, where you can find numerous animal and plant species. The comment of many tourists after the visit is emblematic: “The definition of paradise”.

Malolo Island

A small island of just 8 square kilometers that offers timeless beauty. Imagine the best ingredients: clear and calm sea, soft white sand beaches, luxuriant vegetation, and coconut palms. It is the ideal place to escape from the chaotic daily routine. The island of Malolo, which is part of the Mamanuca archipelago, is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway or to spend a honeymoon.

You will be surrounded by lush and colorful nature, characterized by mangrove forests, and frames of postcard beaches. Resorts have been built here and it will be a pleasure to be pampered by impeccable facilities and luxurious treatments. A heavenly destination in the midst of peace and silence. There is also a legendary story behind this island which was thought to be the place chosen by the gods to rest the sun. At the moment of sunset it seemed that, as if by magic, the sun was setting behind the island.

Modriki Island

Located off the coast of Fiji’s main island, Viti Levu, Modriki Island is a tiny, uninhabited island in the Mamanuca group of islands. It is known for its extraordinary natural beauty, the atmosphere, and the landscapes it offers. Modriki Island is a small volcanic atoll. It is a jewel, easily visited on foot, being about 600 meters wide with a length of one kilometer. The waters, ideal for snorkeling, are surrounded by a beautiful coral reef. You will find yourself in front of volcanic rocks, lagoons, and a number of small beaches, some of which offer wonderful white sands. The typical earthly paradise is not to be missed. Even if only for a few hours blitz or for an unforgettable photo.

Natadola beach

A beach is definitely to be marked with a circle and a little heart. We are located a few kilometers from the city of Nadi, within an expanse of white sand. An enchanted place, where the colors of the sea are striking in their shades of blue. Natadola is appreciated by both residents and tourists. Convinced by an enveloping silence and a luxuriant nature. It is the perfect place for a peaceful swim that takes you from the coast to the coral reef and is also an unforgettable romantic setting, especially at sunset.

For those who want to do some sport, there is the possibility to practice surfing in complete safety or you can also discover the surroundings by choosing a particular excursion on horseback. A beach dedicated to relaxation and beauty.

Castaway Island

Here is another jewel of the Mamanuca archipelago. Here too you will find beauty, and peace and you will have uncontaminated nature as your only reference. Castaway Island ( also known as Monuriki) is famous for being the setting for the movie “Cast Away” with Tom Hanks as a castaway who survived a plane crash. It is a completely uninhabited atoll and can only be reached by boat.

The scenery that you will find yourself admiring will leave you breathless: the sea is clear and transparent. And the beaches are embraced by light and soft sand. And the seabed offers a unique beauty and a colorful and darting universe. It is the perfect place for diving enthusiasts or simply for those who love to snorkel. The ideal climate also transforms it into a romantic setting that has no equal.

Tokoriki Island

The island of Tokoriki cannot be missing from the list of dream islands, one of the best places in the world from which to watch the sunset. And it is no coincidence that the main beach is called “Liku Beach ”, the sunset beach. Imagine a tongue of soft and clear sand that stretches for over a kilometer that at sunset is filled with shades and magical lights. The sound of the clear and sinuous sea, the rustle of palm trees. It hosts upscale resorts generally for honeymooners.  You will feel like you are suspended in time in an uncontaminated oasis in the middle of nature. The seabed is ideal for snorkeling or diving.

Long Beach

We change location and move to the Yasawa Islands, an archipelago that includes about twenty atolls. The scenery and the natural beauties (fortunately) do not change even here, quite the contrary. The lagoon with its blue waters invites you to snorkel and dive also thanks to the protection of the coral reef. On the island, you will find a luxury resort and small houses to stay in, and you can visit some fishing villages. Here hospitality and friendliness will be at home. Long Beach is characterized by a rather extensive sandy beach soft and clear. There is also a restaurant nearby where you can try some local specialties and fish dishes.

Horseshoe Bay

A microscopic island, a postcard beach, and some luxury resorts. Here is another place to spend a relaxing vacation or a unique honeymoon. We are located on the island of Matangi, in the northern part. This beach is perfect for a romantic beach picnic or waiting for the sunset. The landscape will alternate a luxuriant forest with volcanic stones white beaches and coral reefs that hide great biodiversity. In the area, there are several high-class resorts and restaurants, which know how to offer dishes from the local tradition with international menus, which combine fish with fruit and vegetables.