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Traveling in Ukraine

Traveling in Ukraine- Most Ukrainians were eagerly awaiting the summer to take the long-awaited vacation and go somewhere far away to rest. But if you do not go to the hill, we will reveal to you a little secret – trips in Ukraine in the summer are no less exciting and full, and also much more budgetary.

Traveling in Ukraine – climbing Hovel

best traveling in Ukraine

Do you know where in the summer you can catch the snow? Or where it will be difficult to breathe because it will catch your breath from what you saw? Correctly, at the highest point of Ukraine – Mount Governale. Read more: The 7 Best Budget Travel Destinations for 2018

Climbing Hovel is a whole adventure that will provide you with an ideal nature and wonderful experiences. As soon as you overcome the coveted 2061 meters, we assure you that a second wind will open and inspiration for many tourist discoveries will appear.

The summit of Hovel is a small flat area. From here the ideal panorama to all 360 degrees opens, here you can see the whole Montenegrin mountain range.

On the slopes of the mountain – usually grass and shrubs, stone talus a little. The upper boundary of the forest is located at an altitude of about 1400 g. Near the foot of Overlap – a waterfall.

And how to see everything and on what paths, streams, and glades it is better to go to get as much pleasure as possible, we wrote in a separate material.

Traveling in Ukraine – beach vacation in Crimea

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Well, this is also a good option, considering that we have a wonderful article about the best beaches of the Southern coast of Crimea: where to rest and buy. Read more: Excellent and simple tricks to choose a holiday destination

Near Sevastopol, on Cape Violent you should visit the Jasper beach. Not far from Alaska there is a cozy place with beautiful nature and rocks – the beach “Frying Pan”.

Will rest in Guru, pay attention to the beach Gurovsky stones. This is a paradise for divers and lovers of spearfishing. There are nearby Adularia twin cliffs, Chaliapin rock, and Pushkin Grotto. At the foot of the Bear Mountain, or Aye-Dag, enjoy the beauty of the Wild Beach.

Well, in Feodosia, naturally, you should rest on the Golden Beach. The quality of sand and its color are the best on the whole Southern coast of the Crimea.

If the traditional beach vacation is not for you, we know turnout and passwords for lovers to luxuriate in the sun without clothes.

Traveling in Ukraine – visiting an interesting city

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But in this paragraph, it is appropriate to say that “there are no comrades for color and taste”. After all, travel around the cities of Ukraine is very rich and different. We will present several options-guides for cities, and you yourself choose what you prefer.

Let’s start romantics and lovers of comfort. Perhaps you already guessed that it is a question of the glorious city of Lvov.

Travelers adore everything from the cozy streets, with beautiful houses, ending with residents and waiters in no less legendary and original coffee houses.

“The city – where roads swept roses, and bookstores were more than coffee shops,” – so beautifully said about this city Austrian researcher. Often Chernovtsy is compared to Vienna, Lviv, called the little Paris. However, Chernovtsy is an absolutely unique city, and for ideas of traveling around Ukraine in the summer – in general, an ideal option.

The 143-year-old eastern capital of Ukraine, yes, still young, you will say. Accordingly, Donetsk can not boast of ancient architectural masterpieces, but this does not mean that there is nothing to see in Donetsk.

We can not offer to visit the most picturesque city in our country. The edge of Kotlyarevsky, dumplings, Poltava battle, Gogol mysticism, and Diana. If you choose to travel around Ukraine, Poltava is a wonderful place for a romantic weekend or a family trip.

Traveling in Ukraine – industrial tourism

best Traveling in Ukraine

Especially for those who are not attracted by romantic trips around Ukraine and who do not like living nature, but prefer all industrial, we have prepared a list of objects that a tourist can visit.

On the shore of the solar Aktashan water reservoir near the city of Shchelkino, there is an unfinished Crimean nuclear power plant. To date, this place is private property.

Independently pacing the atomic ruins is dangerous. But local guards for symbolic 25 hryvnias willingly show you the territory.

In the Donetsk region, there is a town called Soledad, whose name speaks for itself. Under the surface of Solider, there are salt mines, these are fabulous palaces erected from salt.

It is also interesting to see the Dnieper Hydroelectric Power Plant in Zaporozhe. In Soviet times it was the largest station in Europe.

And if you want to learn the basics of a difficult profession for a miner, welcome to the real mine. Visit the mountain range, located at a depth of 7 meters under the Industrial Technical School.

Traveling in Ukraine – extreme travels

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Perhaps you knew that there are unique gypsum caves in Ternopil, and in the Crimea, there is the Marble Cave, the most visited in the world. And in the south-western Crimea on the inner ridge of the Crimean mountains are entire cave cities. The question, in which extreme trips to Ukraine to go in the summer, will disappear by itself.

In the Crimea, there is a universal Nikita cleft suitable for rock climbing all year round. Beginners in this extreme sport should go to Korostyshev for an abandoned granite quarry.

Granite rocks Buck 15-20 meters high are perfect for training and climbers, and climbers. This place has not been chosen by tourists, so going there in a hot summer is a very good decision.

For those who want to conquer the water element, the Carpathian Mountains will be a wonderful option – an alloy for the Black Cheremosh. Experienced users choose the thresholds of the rivers Candle and Mazurka.

The Southern Bug is probably the most popular extreme river in Ukraine in the summer. When caressing the Carpathians, crowds of tourists go here.

If the extreme you imagine calm, try rafting along the Such River. The road along the “Nadsluchanskaya Switzerland” is one of the most beautiful routes in the whole of Ukraine.

Summing up, extreme trips to Ukraine in the summer – a rich and varied holiday, which will please even the most experienced.

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