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fans of The Beatles

Go on a musical journey in the footsteps of the legendary band The Beatles! Fans of The Beatles- Only a true fan of The Beatles will appreciate how important it is to visit places that are associated with your favorite band. As a rule, the journey of the inveterate Beatles man begins with Liverpool, the city wherein 1960 John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ring Starr teamed up and created a band that influenced the world musical history.

Fans of The Beatles: Palmerston School in Liverpool

best fans of The Beatles

The Calder tons School used to be called Quarry Bank High School, and from 1952 to 1957, the problem teenager John Lennon studied there. But, despite numerous conflicts with teachers, the musician treated the school well. It’s not just that he called his first band The Quarrymen. In those days John with his friends played a fashionable sniffle. Read more: Traveling in Ukraine: 5 ideas for summer holidays

Address: Hart hill Road, Alpert on, Liverpool, L OHS

Penny Lane, Liverpool

fans of The Beatles

Here there live pretty blue-eyed eccentrics under the blue sky – everyone who heard the song Penny Lane once in his life knows this. This famous street is located near the Mosley Hill area, where Paul McCartney grew up. It was here that he met with John Lennon to get to the city center. There really is a hairdresser and a fire station, and the sky is blue, too. Interestingly, the fans of the band often steal a pointer to Penny Lane. Read more: 5 Best Holiday Destinations in Asia for Family & Friends

Address: Penny Lane, Liverpool

Fans of The Beatles Museum

The museum shows films from concerts and tours, exhibits popular and rare pictures, and from the columns, the group’s fans cry out. Interestingly, the atmosphere of music The Beatles visitors come immediately: in the first halls sound early works, in the distant – late. In a white room with a white grand piano, Imagine plays endlessly – this is the room of John Lennon. Here you probably buy a souvenir – in the shop at the museum, the eyes just run away!

Address: Britannia Vaults, Albert Dock, Liverpool LAD

Coffeehouse “Kabbalah”

the fans of The Beatles

It was from this small club that the story of The Beatles began in 1959. Then they were also called The Quarrymen, and the guys were not joined by Ring Starr. The coffee house belonged to the mother of the band’s first drummer, Pete Best. Soon it was closed, but enterprising Best decided to earn some money on his short stay in the group. He resumed the establishment in its original form and turned it into a historical landmark. Now you can listen to the concert by Best himself or young bands.

Address: 8 Haman’s Green, Liverpool L12 7JG

John Lennon Airport

Liverpool Airport became the John Lennon Airport in 2002. The thing is that it was here that once the fans of the legendary quartet met him violently. Interestingly this place is primarily due to the fact that “Imagine” is written on the roof of the airport, and also here you can find a statue of Lennon himself and a yellow submarine. Continue reading

Address: Liverpool, L YD

John Lennon’s House

best fans of The Beatles

In this house, John Lennon spent almost all his childhood, where he lived until he was 20 years old. Now a pretty mansion is turned into a museum with the most recreated situation, in which the musician grew up. The guide will tell many stories about the young Lennon, some of which are well known to the inquisitive Beatles.

Address: 251 Men love Ave, Liverpool

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