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beaches of the UAE

100 years ago, in place of the luxurious megacities of the Emirates, there was only a lifeless desert. But thanks to the oil there is now a garden city with beautiful beaches of the UAE with imported sand. Rambler / Travel represent the best of them.

Palm Jumeirah (Dubai) best beaches of the UAE

best beaches of the UAE

Palms Jumeirah  – a real miracle of engineering, a daring design project, implemented a little more than 10 years ago. This artificial island, poured in the form of a trunk and leaves right in the Persian Gulf, is the focus of beaches of the UAE with golden sand, expensive villas, shops, hotels, and restaurants.  Read more: Enjoy a Beachfront Vacation

Expensive, rich, everything, as is customary in the Arab world. On the artificial island has already built two luxury hotels with the beautiful beaches of the UAE. You can lie in a deck chair and admire the technological landscape of the main metropolis of the UAE – all the skyscrapers are perfectly visible from here. Read more: 4 Reasons to Visit Brooklyn This Summer

Cornish (Abu Dhabi)

best beaches of the UAE

The eight-kilometer public beach is probably the most famous in the capital’s emirate. On the coast proudly flaunts the Blue Flag, which confirms that there are clean water and a convenient infrastructure for tourists. The beach is divided into several sectors. One of them is designed for families looking for a relaxing holiday. The second is designed for noisy families with children.

The third – for large companies, as well as for single tourists. Here you can just lie on the sun and enjoy the sea air, and you can relax actively: for example, arrange a tournament on football. And, of course, after active games, you can have a good time in one of the many cafes. Keep reading

Jumeirah Beach Park (Dubai)

best beaches of the UAE

The most famous, first, a public beach in Dubai, with golden, soft sand, which tourists call “creamy” and sticky. Many of them note that there is no such sand anywhere else. So, in general, there is. He was brought here from the desert and daily dig through with a special cleaning machine. So the sand remains the same clean, lean and creamy.

Here you will also see the Blue Flag and will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of entertainment. In the park, which is adjacent to the beach, you can arrange a picnic with a barbecue. There are playgrounds for children and sports grounds for adults. And along the coastline, many shops and cafes are built.

Al Khan Beach (Sharjah)

This is the first public beach in the emirate of Sharjah. According to the authorities of Sharjah, those who like to relax relaxed and to tourists who prefer active recreation will like it here. Here you can ride a banana and water skiing, surf, fly over the water surface by parachute. On the beach, you can play volleyball and tennis. Even on the beach, there is a water park and a playground for children.

Hor-Fakkan (Fujairah / Sharjah)

best beaches of the UAE

Hor-Fakkan is not the name of the beach, but of the city, which is famous for its beaches. It is an enclave of Sharjah in the territory of the emirate ofFujiwarah. Unlike neighbors, here the beaches of the UAE overlook the Gulf of Oman, not the Persian one. Fujiwara is famous for its underwater world, so if you like diving, you should visit HorHakkan.

Here grow large colonies of corals, past which float colorful inhabitants of sea waters. There are also artificial reefs, for example, the popular dive site “Cemetery of cars”. Well, the shore zone will please with pure golden sand and a pretty park that adjoins the beach.

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