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heart of Sharjah

The heart of Sharjah– The first settlements on the site of this emirate appeared more than 5 thousand years ago. Sharjah was one of the richest regions, and this applied not only to material well-being but also to culture. In 1998, the United Arab Emirates recognized the emirate as the cultural capital of the Arab world. Rambler / Travel presents the most interesting excursions around Sharjah.

All museums of the heart of Sharjah

the heart of Sharjah

Literally, in six hours you will be shown the three main museums of Sharjah. The tour begins with a visit to the Museum of Islamic Civilization. There are thousands of rare and unique exhibits. The gold-enriched volumes of the Koran, mock-ups of mosques, national oriental costumes, sophisticated Arab jewelry, daggers and much more. A separate gallery of the museum is dedicated to the development of science and technology. The museum also has rooms for prayers. And after the tour, you can drink a cup of fragrant coffee, cooked according to a traditional recipe. Read more: Arabian miracle: the 5 best beaches of the UAE

The next item of the trip is the Sharjah Fine Arts Museum. There are works of paintings, drawings, sculptures of Arab masters. The pearl of the museum is the collection of Sheikh Sultan Al Qasimi. The canvases that it includes are divided into 8 thematic groups. The most numerous of them are battle works. The museum also has a beautiful library about the history of fine arts: there are 4 thousand books in Arabic and English.

The third, final, point of the excursion is a visit to the Mejlis Al-Midfa Museum. It is called only “the quietest place in the city, where you can recall the memories of the” good old days “. And from here you can see the unique wind tower of the round section, the only one in the UAE. Keep reading

Art and cultural heritage

the heart of Sharjah

Since Sharjah is considered the cultural capital of the Arab world, it is worth getting acquainted with its heritage closer. For this, there is a separate excursion. Take a hike through the historic center of Sharjah. The first and main point of the program is the “Heart of Sharjah”, the largest project in the Emirates for the preservation and restoration of ancient buildings. Read more: Musical tourism: where to go to the fans of The Beatles

The project is realized on the territory of the entire historical center: ancient houses are being rebuilt, new ones are built, stylized to the traditional architecture. Here there are cafes and restaurants, hotels and exhibition halls. All this is sustained in a historical style.

Then go to the Maritime Museum. He talks about the role of the sea in the formation of the emirate. After all, local people from time immemorial fish and pearls were extracted in water expenses, they made strong wooden boats-dows, which could withstand long trips.

The excursion ends at the Al-Mahatta Museum, the first airport in the UAE, which was built in 1932 and soon turned into a museum site. Here you will be told how in ancient times people tried to conquer the air element, how various aircraft were developed, how aviation developed in the Arab world. The topic of the formation of cosmonautics was also not overlooked.

Night Sharjah

the heart of Sharjah

The tour is called “Sharjah at night”, but is held in the evening. From 18:00 to 21:00. In the dark, the city looks no less attractive than in daylight. And even in the evening, it becomes cooler, which means it’s more comfortable walking.

The night tour is an acquaintance with the main modern beauties of Sharjah. It all begins with a musical show of fountains in the Al-Qasba area – this is the most popular pedestrian zone in the city.

From here you can go for a walk on the tram along the embankment, and then – change seats on the ship and ride along the canal. After – to watch another spectacular show of fountains, but already in the park Al-Majaz, and then – to make a panoramic tour along the promenade of Al-Buheira Cornish.

Sharjah organizes a festival of light every year, so in the illuminations, there is a sense. And in the dark, all the main buildings are just a miracle, as they are good. Do not miss the opportunity to admire them.

Walking in the “Heart of Sharjah”

best heart of Sharjah

If you were impressed by the excursion devoted to culture and art, you for certain will want to return once again to “Heart of Sharjah”. Spend three hours free time and go for a walk around this area.

Take a walk along the Al-Hisn Fort, which was built in the early 19th century in a traditional oriental style. Today in the fortress is the city museum of Sharjah. There are also thematic exhibitions and events. Even in the “Heart of Sharjah” is the Emirate Needlework Center, where you can get acquainted with traditional crafts. Children will certainly like the House of Toys.

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