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holidays with children

The long-awaited holidays with children have finally arrived! How to make this summertime a very special little parenthesis, both for our son and for ourselves? The psychologist Etty Buzyn, author of “Dad, Mom, leave me time for me” (De Vecchi Ediciones), gives us some clues.

You have to take a break for holidays with children

enjoy holidays with children

During the holidays with children rediscovers his parents … from another perspective: freed from certain urgencies and concerns and more available, they have time to look at him, admire him, listen to him, share activities with him, attend to all his questions … The new situation allows you to establish a very intimate relationship with them, something that is not always possible in the accelerated daily rhythm of the rest of the year. This intimacy is essential because it generates a feeling of inner security and confidence in the child. That is why it is important not to overload the holiday agenda and take a break. Read more: In the heart of Sharjah: 4 best excursions to the emirate

Make schedules more flexible for holidays with children

the enjoy holidays with children

In practice, it is not at all useful to impose strict schedules and involve him in scheduled activities in advance. The holidays have to give you the opportunity to “close the kiosk”.

It is also time to relax some rules and, for example, allow them to go to bed a little later or share meals with the rest of the family if they usually eat before their parents. Nothing like opening a little hand to get, then, better assume the prohibitions! In a more relaxed context and with fewer rules to follow, the child is usually more calm, more conciliatory and less capricious. This attitude contributes, to a large extent, to creating relationships with adults that are calmer, softer and more complicit. In this way, when the tensions appear during the year, the memories of these good shared moments will help to better manage conflicts. Read more: Traveling in Ukraine: 5 ideas for summer holidays

Open the family circle to the holidays with children

best holidays with children

Often, vacations provide the child with the opportunity to have a “good family bath” more lively than the usual father-mother-child triangle. And this helps you to locate yourself in the family tree. In the holidays with children the extended family, generational transmission occurs naturally: places, cooking recipes, games, stories … with which the child gathers a treasure of memories. Thus, a personal “data bank” is created in which you can identify with a member of the family in order to build your personality. By spending time and sharing the fun with your grandparents, your cousins … reinforces the bonds and forges pillars on which to learn to grow.

On vacation, do not force a radical change of scenery

top holidays with children

At these ages, a trip abroad has no interest whatsoever for the child: it will not be able to really take advantage of it and may even become decentralized as a result of the change in climate and food. However, without having to go to the other end of the world, the sea, the countryside or the mountain are full of riches that will satisfy your curiosity without unduly altering your habits of life. The child of two or three years is rather home, does not like to lose sight of their references. To facilitate your adaptation to the holiday scenario, it is a good idea to go through it and make it discover all the corners. If your room is close to that of the parents, you will feel more secure, in the midst of so many novelties. And do not miss your stuffed animal! It is essential to create a reassuring continuity with your usual life framework.

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