January 2019

Hiking Tips

Hiking Tips to Make Your First Trek a Success

An increasing number of people are choosing to hike as a form of low-impact exercise. There are many physical and mental benefits including lower levels of anxiety and preventing osteoporosis. Many people, however, set out…

beach picnic

5 best recipes for a beach picnic

Beach picnic– Live on an island bathed by the Mediterranean, so spend a whole day in summer at the edge of the sea, with family or friends and a lot of junk, is very common.

How To Afford Your Backpacking Holiday

If you are looking for the adventure of a lifetime, then you can’t go wrong with a backpacking holiday. What better way is there to see the world than by throwing some clothes and essentials…

travel backpack

10 tips to travel backpack

Travel backpack-Adventure. Independence. Challenge. Fun. Freedom. They are all words that surely come to mind when you think about organizing your own trip with the best companion

organize a safari

How to Organize a Safari for Africa

First of all, be aware of where you are going and what it means to go on organize a safari. If you are used to the comforts and everything goes according to plan, it is time…