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Reality and dreams are sometimes confused and this has happened to us knowing the luxury details that some of the most luxury hotels in the world. What is the most luxury hotel in the world?How tall is the largest suite in the US? How much does it cost to spend a night in the largest suite in Europe? Discover our ranking with the  most luxury hotels in the world and the reasons that have made us include them in this trip for luxury from Macao to the USA passing through the South Pole, Switzerland and India.

‘El 13’, the most expensive luxury hotels in the world

most luxury hotels

If you have 100,000 dollars you can be one of the lucky ones to stay in the most expensive room in the world in ‘ El 13 ‘, a hotel in Macao (China) , where its suites in the baroque Louis XIII style, with more than 2,000 square meters, they look with all the splendor that you imagine and have details such as, for example, making available to their exclusive customers the most expensive Rolls-Royce of the universe decorated with 24 carat gold, their bodies have been painted with the finest particles of gold of 23.75 carats and the emblem ‘The Spirit of Ecstasy’in 24 carat gold, it sits on top of a grill with the logo of the brand (RR) also plated in gold and surrounded by a pave of 336 diamonds. What more can be asked to feel unique in the world?

The Mark, the largest suite in the United States

We are going to travel now to the American continent, specifically to New York to visit the hotel ‘The Mark’ , located in the luxurious neighborhood of Manhattan , your night of luxury will be intense since you do not have a suite to use, which they offer you in this hotel for the amount of 70,000 euros occupies two floors of more than two thousand square meters which makes it the largest suite in the United States, five bedrooms, six bathrooms, library, 2 minibars, hairdressing service, personal training and a long list of whims at your disposal as well as the wonderful vision you will enjoy from a terrace where you can enjoy the sunset with better views of the Big Apple.

White Desert, an experience with the penguins

Do you want to experience the experience of meeting an emperor penguin in the white desert ? A distant trip, an unforgettable adventure lodged in the exclusive ‘ White Desert ‘ at the South Pole , where they offer you the exciting experience of exploring animal life in this privileged environment through tunnels dug into the ice of Antarctica . The accommodation is the most original, a camp in which each cabin has the shape of an igloo and is for two people. Of course, these particular “igloos” have a bedroom, bathroom, desk, dining room with a chef who prepares the menus every day. Ideal if you like the cold, nature in all its splendor and adventure, all for a price of 64,000 dollars.

Hotel President Wilson, luxury in the old continent

most luxury hotels in the world

We have known the largest suite in the United States, but even if you want to make a trip to the old continent, then you will be interested in knowing the largest suite in Europe , located in Geneva (Switzerland) , more specifically on the eighth floor of the hotel ‘ President Wilson ‘ , one of the most expensive accommodations in the world, according to the Forbes list. The Royal Penthouse Suite occupies the entire eighth floor with its approximately 2000 square meters, 12 rooms with marble in their bathrooms and the most amazing the wonderful views of the lake with the imposing Mont Blancat the bottom. So that you do not miss any comfort you have a bookstore, gym, works of art and a grand piano in case you want to offer a small concert in the light of the moon. Your dream night is at your disposal from 46,000 dollars.

Raj Palace of Jaipur, the dream of a Marajá

Did you want a night in a movie palace? Well, here you have your wish fulfilled, and it’s not a movie, it’s a royal palace where the Majarash of India lodged. Built in 1727 the Maharaja’s Pavillion of Raj Palace in Jaipur in exotic India, has a lot of history to tell you and you can rub shoulders with wealthy people from all over the world if you have more than 34,500 dollars to spend the night. Of course, it is not any room, you will have at your disposal the largest suite in Asia , four floors of 1,500 square meters where you can lose yourself while enjoying the jacuzzi between mirrors and gold baths, an excess in every way .

Any of these dream luxury hotels are worth visiting at least once in a lifetime . Have an infinite room or suite, privileged views in the best enclave of each place, a chef at your disposal and each and every one of the luxuries that they offer to their clients, should be available to everyone at any time. If not, be satisfied with reading and enjoying with us this small luxury tour of the most expensive hotels in the world.

The Mark Expensive Hotel New York

We started the list with the most expensive hotel room in the world. It’s in Manhattan’s upscale Manhattan neighborhood, Upper East Side , inside the Mark hotel . But it is not a suite to use, since it occupies two floors of luxurious accommodation and has become the largest suite in the United States , with more than one thousand square meters.

This room – better said residence – of New York has five bedrooms , six bathrooms and a large terrace overlooking the skyline of the Big Apple. It also includes a library and two mini bars for the 24 people that fit in your dining room. All this and more for the exorbitant price of $ 70,000 per night .

Hotel President Wilson

And from the largest suite in the United States, we went to the largest in Europe . The Royal Penthouse Suite occupies the entire eighth floor of the President Wilson Hotel in Geneva. Located in the second place of the most luxury hotels in the world, according to the Forbes list, is this exclusive accommodation in the Swiss capital .

It has almost 2,000 m2 and has 12 rooms and their respective marble bathrooms. Being located in the highest part of the building has privileged views of the lake and Mont Blanc in the background. Among its amenities we find a bookstore, a gym, works of art and even a grand piano , to feel like Frank Sinatra. Spending a night in luxury at this hotel costs $46,000 .

Hotel Burj al Arab and Royal suite

From Europe we travel to Dubai, where one of the few luxury hotels with seven stars in the world is located. Its sail boat shape has made it one of the icons of the capital of the Arab Emirates and the favorite lodging for the wealthiest.

It reaches 321 meters high and is located on an artificial island in the sea. His most famous room is the Royal Suite , which has 780 square meters, with two bedrooms, rotating beds , private cinema and panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf. The price of the different suites can range from 2,000 to 27,000$ per night.

White Desert Hotel (South Pole)

When we go away, the following experience takes us to the South Pole . In this almost unknown enclave is the White Desert hotel , which proposes an adventure through the white desert, where you can meet the emperor penguin . The camp consists of several igloo-shaped lodgings with a capacity for two people each.

The “igloos” include bedroom, bathroom, desk and dining room, where you can enjoy the food prepared by a chef . Undoubtedly, what makes this hotel unique are its activities: from exploring the ice tunnels to getting to know animals from this part of Antarctica . Ideal for lovers of cold and nature, it offers an eight-day itinerary for up to 12 people at $ 64,000 per head.

Raj Palace (Jaipur)

discover  luxury hotels in the world

In the Indian region of Rajasthan is the most luxurious suite in Southeast Asia . It is the presidential suite of the Raj hotel in Jaipur. It occupies four of the floors of this boutique hotel and has more than one thousand square meters. The four floors are connected by an internal elevator and the “room” has a kitchen, jacuzzi, private terrace, bar and its own library.

In addition, to the stay in the hotel you can include an elephant ride or baggi , a carriage pulled by four horses that takes you from the hotel to the Jal Mahal or water palace, near the accommodation. Sleeping like a maharaja in this palace room goes for $ 17,000 a night.

Laucala Island

We add a paradisiacal destination to the list. In the Fiji Islands is this residential complex formed by several cabins in which to enjoy the impressive landscape of the island Laucala. It is a private island belonging to the billionaire Dietrich Mateschitz, the owner of Redbull , who rents his 25 separate villas to small groups of tourists for more than $ 4,000 .

The jewel in the crown of this paradise is the Hilltop Residence , three intercommunicated villas with two swimming pools, kitchen, bookstore and a hundred meters from the sea, which costs around $ 26,000 per night. The model and designer, Elle McPherson, rented the entire island to celebrate her wedding there. Something that only a rich mega can afford.

The Apartment, Hotel Connaught (London)

best  luxury hotels in the world

We closed the list of the most exclusive accommodation in the world, with The Apartment, at the Connaught Hotel in London. This is the name of this hotel’s most famous suite, overlooking the well-to-do Mayfair neighborhood . It has a chauffeur service that takes you to the hotel, personal chef and even a butler who will take care of any need.

The suite can be extended from three to nine bedrooms (renting the upper floor) and is entirely redecorated by designer David Collins, who has added the touch of lavender color that accompanies the entire stay. Spend a night in this exclusive custom-made apartment costs $23,000 a night.

Finally, a little luxury does not hurt from time to time! A good wine here, a little gem over there … And that’s why today I brought you the  most luxury hotels in the world. But what some people associate with luxury depends on the opinion of each one, especially when we talk about travel. Some settle for a comfortable vacation in a place with good weather, while others want to be pampered in the best 5 star hotels that exist. So I’ve thought about sharing some of these spectacular hotels with you.