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What should you not do when traveling to Europe

Even as the most enthusiastic tourist, there are some destinations that portend potential danger.

This can be from different sources, from natural hazards to high crime levels. Here are five such locations curated by best online slots.

1. Death Road Road (Bolivia)

North Yungas Road is known as the “Death Road” for all the right reasons that you can guess. Driving up or down this 43-mile (69-kilometer) switchback is extremely dangerous because of fog, landslides, waterfalls and cliffs falling 2,000 feet (610 meters) in each turn. Until 1994, almost 300 drivers were killed every year, justifying its nickname and putting it in the list of the most dangerous places to visit in the world. The road extends far enough to connect the Amazon rainforest to the capital city, surrounded by mountainous terrain. This means that merchants were not unusual to cram into trucks and buses trying to sell their wood and crops in the area.

2. Snake Island (Brazil)

There is an island about 25 miles off Brazil’s coast where no local would ever dare to walk. There are rumors that the last fisherman who strayed too close to his shores was found drifting in his boat days later, lifeless in a blood pool. The mysterious island is known as Ilha da Queimada Grande, and setting foot there is reportedly so dangerous that the Brazilian government has made it illegal for anyone to visit. The island’s threat comes in the form of the golden lancehead snakes – a pit viper species and one of the world’s deadliest serpents. The is certainly the most dangerous place on earth, and you shouldn’t be playing games from at this location.

3. Lake Natron (Tanzania)

Let does not allow the ring of salt marshes along the edge of Lake Natron fool us. This lake is better known as one of the most inhospitable areas on Earth. North Tanzania’s Lake Natron looks and acts a lot like a lake of fire. The lake’s high levels of Natron (sodium carbonate decahydrate) make its waters corrosive to human skin and eyes, sometimes reaching a ph level of over 12. The lake also contains red-colored bacteria, resulting in its unique pink-red hues. Even if most species cannot handle the 120-degree lake water, cyanobacteria have made Natron their home and turned the lake its trademark reds and oranges.

4. Death Valley, California

Death Valley is the hottest place on the planet; temperatures at Furnace Creek have reached 134 °F. The extreme temperatures have taken the lives of many people who’ve been careless enough to stray away from the roads. If the heat wasn’t enough, rattlesnakes are another hazard. Regardless, Death Valley is still a popular tourist attraction, partly because of how dangerous it is. If you do find yourself in Death Valley, make sure you stick to the roads and take plenty of water with you to avoid dehydration and heatstroke.

5. The Danakil Desert, Ethiopia

The Danakil Desert, located on the border between Ethiopia and Eritrea is also dangerous because of the sheer heat. Although it is not quite as hot as Death Valley, the Danakil Desert will still reach around 131 °F. The high temperatures are partly because of the geothermal activity in the region, which are also responsible for lakes of acid and poisonous gases. The desert is a popular tourist destination, but visitors are recommended to stick with guides at all times.

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