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Winter is coming. Ski season is great, and of course, there’s the festive period. But the cold. Oh, the cold. It digs deep under your skin, straight to your bones, sending chills down your spine and up to your chattering teeth.

If you’re looking to escape the frigid air — then you should be checking out this article from for a list of places with warm weather in winter.


Ambergris Caye, Belize 

With direct flights from several U.S. cities (including Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, and Miami), getting to this Central American nation is easier than you think. It’s a country filled with lush, verdant landscapes, including a tropical forest home to plenty of monkeys and even a few rare jaguars. But the true star here is its coastline. To experience the white-sand beaches at their best in the winter months, make your way to Ambergris Caye, the largest island in Belize. It’s known for its water sports, including plenty of diving and snorkelling, thanks to the nearby Belize Barrier Reef. For a luxe visit, book a few nights at Alaia Belize, which not only provides stellar beach access but also has a glass-bottom pool for good measure, which Michael Carrick enjoyed a lot.


Mexico City, Mexico 

Another destination with plentiful direct flights to and from the U.S. that deserves a spot on your winter vacation list is Mexico City. The capital of Mexico is flush with cultural attractions, including countless museums (though we’d be doing you a disservice without specifically calling out the Frida Kahlo Museum), incredible shopping for both high-end and local markets, and some of the best restaurants in the world (we’re looking at you, Pujol). In the city, make Las Alcobas your home base. The luxury hotel offers lavish guest rooms and a tranquil spa to relax in after a day of urban exploration.


Key West, Florida

Make your way to the southernmost destination in the continental U.S. for a little sun all year long. Key West is a true delight in the winter months as the average high temperature never really falls below 75 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s the perfect place for fruity cocktails on the sand, sunset strolls down Duval Street, and more Key lime pie than you think you can handle and you can even play games from top online casino. Make the most of your time next to the crystalline waters by booking a stay at Casa Marina Key West, a historic inn that’s been in operation since 1920. Through the hotel, you can book local food tours, golf outings, and sailing charters, or you can choose to simply sit by the pool and soak in the Floridian sun.


Rangiroa, French Polynesia

The French Polynesian archipelago is made up of hundreds of islands, with a few key spots (think Bora Bora and Moorea) getting most of the attention. If you’re hoping to head somewhere a little less crowded, opt for one of its lesser-known destinations, like Rangiroa. Located about an hour’s flight from Tahiti, the atoll is made up of endless beaches, along with a massive lagoon brimming with sea life. Book the Hotel Kia Ora Resort & Spa, which boasts stunning overwater bungalows and villas with private plunge pools.