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Petrin Tower

That the view from the top of the Petrin Tower was one of the best views of Prague we already knew before going to Prague, but what we did not know was what would happen to us when we reached the funicular of the Petrin Mountain.

It was mid-morning and we had already visited the Prague Castle, so we thought it would be a good time to go up to Petrin Hill, where the Petrin Tower is located: the quintessential viewpoint of the city of Prague. We searched how to go from the Prague Castle and the route that gave us in public transport did not contemplate the funicular option. As sometimes not all transports appear in Google Maps, we ignore the route you proposed. It was more than half an hour walking directly from the Prague Castle.

How good, there is no queue to get on the funicular!

Petrin Tower

We took a tram to Ujezd street, where we had to take the funicular that would take us to the Petrin Tower. There is no queue to go to the funicular, how good, as it is a bad day, few people will have thought about going up to the tower. How deluded Of course there were people, but I was going up on foot because the funicular door was closed with this sign:

Yes, the funicular was maintenance. Circled funicular up and down but empty 😭As nothing, will touch up walk … More or less is half an hour, but it became longer because we had to do it by surprise. In case you are reading this before traveling to Prague, keep in mind that the funicular is maintained from 10 to 22 October.

The secret viewpoint of the Petrin Tower

When we reached the Petrin lookout we found a badly formed queue to buy tickets and closed lockers. The schedule was a little peculiar that day since they opened at 12:00 instead of 10:00. Luckily it was already 11:45 and we had not gone in the morning. We started to queue and got the tickets for free with the Prague Card.

To the viewpoint of the tower one goes up on foot since there is no elevator. Still luck that there is a ladder of descent and another one of rise, although it seems that there are many people who do not understand the signals of not happening.

The viewpoint has a glass and it was almost impossible to make a hole to take a picture. We were beginning to be overwhelmed by the crowd of people when we saw that it was not very stable, the ground moved a lot. Well, that’s it, nothing, we’re leaving. Go day, first the funicular, and now we leave without a picture of Prague from above. What success! Luckily, when we started to go down we saw the light. On the down stairs there were better views than from above, without glass and without dizzying movement. Do not tell anyone that we have told you, we will still be guilty of creating queues down, but look what photos we get from there!

When we were taking pictures, some kids heard us speaking in Catalan and asked us if we were from Barcelona. We had come the same flight and we were going in it too. It will be for tourist places in Prague where to coincide with fellow passengers!

Hours of the Petrin Tower in Prague

The opening hours of the Petrin Tower lookout are as follows:

  • From October to March from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
  • November and February from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • From April to September from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Price of the Petrin Tower in Prague

As we have already mentioned, we enter for free with the Prague Card but if you want to enter without it, these are the prices in crowns. The change to dollars, you must consult it, but we tell you the approximate price with the current change:

  • Adults: 120 ($ 4.5)
  • Students: 65 ($2.40)
  • Children: 65 ($ 2.40)

How to get to the Petrin Tower in Prague

To get to the Tower of Petrin you will have to go to  Petřínske sady, 118 00 Praha 1. But better we leave you with a map where you can get directions or save it to consult when you are there. We keep them before the trip and then we have it available in the Google Maps app on the mobile.

We hope you enjoyed our experience at the Petrin Tower. If you want to read more entries about Prague, here you can see what we have written so far. Soon we will continue publishing and if you do not want to lose future entries you can subscribe to receive them.

And you? Have you already been to the Petrin Tower? Or not yet and you have a thousand and one doubts about your trip to Prague. Leave us a comment and we will help you in everything we can!

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10 amazing corners of Prague that you should visit

The Czech capital is a wonderful city. But this time we do not want to take you to its main attractions. We want to show you another side of the city by discovering amazing corners of Prague for you. You will like them and, in some cases, they may even get you excited.

Grevobka, a vineyard in the city

Yes, one of the amazing corners of Prague is a vineyard. It was in the fourteenth century when King Charles IV ordered to plant a wide expanse of vineyards near the city. Today there is only a small extension of them, but it is one of the most charming places in the capital. And, in addition to walking and admiring incredible views, you can try the wines that are made here.

Hanavsky Pavilion, a place of story

Today converted into a restaurant, this is a beautiful building that was built for the National Exhibition of 1891. It was the first building in Prague built with wrought iron, cement and glass. As a curiosity, we will tell you that this is not its original location; here it only takes a few decades.

Vinarna Certovka, an alley regulated by traffic light

This alley is so narrow that two people cannot pass at once. It’s in the Mala Strana neighborhood and it’s only 50 centimeters wide! Therefore, it was decided to regulate traffic with a traffic light. How was the passage organized here in the past? Through bells. Undoubtedly, one of those amazing corners of Prague that you should know.

Crypt of St. Cyril and St. Methodius, a heroic story

Here was one of the most incredible episodes in the history of Prague. In this place a military command took refuge that had ended the life of Reinhard Heydrich, a Nazi leader. The Germans tried to get them out by explosives and even flooding the place. After a long resistance, the Czech heroes decided to take their own lives rather than surrender.

Petrin Tower, the best views of Prague

We could almost say that she is a little sister of the Eiffel Tower because her silhouette, of course, remembers her. It’s no accident; it was built two years after the French tower. Of course, it is much more modest, it is only 60 meters high, but from its peak the views of the city are spectacular.

The irreverent sculptures of the Kafka Museum

The museum dedicated to the figure of Franz Kafka attracts many visitors. But, undoubtedly, most do not expect to find this curious sculptural set. It represents two men urinating on the map of the Czech Republic. A work by David Cerny with a secret, the jets are writing quotations from writers, but if you ask, they will also write what you ask.

Garden Vrtbovska, a small oasis

It is a beautiful baroque garden in the form of terraces and decorated with many statues. This place was built in the 18th century and is one of the most romantic corners of the Czech capital. If you want to rest a while here, you will find it at the foot of Mount Petrin. By the way, from him the views of the city are wonderful.

One of the largest equestrian statues

Jan Zizka was a caudillo and national hero who lived in the fifteenth century. The Czechs are so proud of his figure and his warlike exploits, that they built this spectacular equestrian statue, one of the largest in the world. It is 9 meters high, others as long, 5 wide and weighs no less than 16.5 tons.

One of the amazing corners of Prague is an unfinished church

It began to be built in the 14th century and was going to be a spectacular temple, but the historical ups and downs left it half done. Even so, this church, with its 34-meter vault, impresses. And much more if you look inside, where a fabulous altar of 29 meters high with a cross of 7 meters.

The Chapel of Mirrors, luxury and elegance

Marble, stuccos, frescoes and dozens of mirrors. It is one of those amazing corners of Prague that deserve a visit. It is in the Klementinum and is an ideal place if you like music, because here you can enjoy countless concerts. By the way, the two organs that you will see were played by Mozart himself at the time.