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There is no doubt that the biggest search engine in the whole world should have some clue about the world’s most popular destinations, those over million searches between three billion and a half receiving daily or starting to emerge in the statistics.

That’s why we always are attentive to their verdict and their proposals. According to its latest report on Travel Trends 2016, these five cities that will become destinations will dream with you shortly. Prepared?

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1. Havana

It ranks second in the list that Google provided, but the number one in many hearts by his decadent and vibrant spirit, his soul colorful and rich culture, by the rumor to salsa and sunlit ruins. Also recently opened to American travelers got to be a more popular tourist destination yet. Walking through its streets, cross it from one side to another, tasting its cuisine and meet its people is something we should do all at least once in life.

2. Mexico DF

A city that never stops vibrating and is shaking the reputation of past years, attracting thousands of tourists to admire its mix of colonial architecture, old pubs, impressive murals and contemporary urbanism. Not to mention enjoy the culinary revolution that is experiencing or the amazing museums that cannot miss.

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3. Tokyo

The city with more Michelin star restaurants in the world, but also a city that continues to change, to evolve and surprise us. A paradise for gourmets, but also for those who do not want to miss the latest technology, for fashion lovers or for those who cannot live without seeing the best sunset on the planet.

4. Toronto

Although winters in a major Canadian cities tend to be tough and that most of the searches on this site are related to ice hockey, Toronto flowers with spring and hosts plenty of festivals and events outdoors. It is also a truly cosmopolitan city with a really interesting cultural mix and a barbaric cuisine.

5. Reykjavik

Iceland’s capital has been slowly climbing positions within our hearts to win the first, looking for images for this article is not difficult to see why: the color of its architecture, the number of museums, cafes and restaurants constantly growing, the way light illuminates this unique set, or the opportunity to enjoy the northern lights are just some of the small reasons for coming to this city or to take it as a starting point to visit amazing places.

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