The World’s best beaches.

Who doesn’t like a beach holiday? The warm sun tanning the skin (don’t forget the factor 50!) the sea tickling your toes and the calm relaxing scenery and the big blue all out in front…

Diani Beach

Diani Beach: a beautiful place in Kenya

Diani Beach-There are perfect and not very well known destinations to live an incredible vacation. We want to show you a magical place where you can enjoy the beach, the heat and the sea.

beach picnic

5 best recipes for a beach picnic

Beach picnic– Live on an island bathed by the Mediterranean, so spend a whole day in summer at the edge of the sea, with family or friends and a lot of junk, is very common.

beaches of the UAE

Arabian miracle: the 5 best beaches of the UAE

100 years ago, in place of the luxurious megacities of the Emirates, there was only a lifeless desert. But thanks to the oil there is now a garden city with beautiful beaches of the UAE with…